Zane Stephens Wikipedia: Who Is He? 

Despite being an actor with a considerable fanbase, Zane Stephens does not have a Wikipedia feature. However, as per other web sources, it is known that he got into acting when he was 18 years of age. 

Zane began performing when he was eighteen years old.

In Atlanta, Georgia, he was born to a builder and developer father and a schoolteacher mother.His acting career took off during his final year of high school.

Following graduation, he moved to Los Angeles.Since then, Zane has dedicated his days to mastering the profession, and he continues to learn how to live each day as it comes.

In 2005, The Actor’s Scene in Buford, Georgia invited him to join AMTC.He had a few commercials and modest film jobs under his belt, which was enough to get him into SAG.

Then, in 2008, Zane gave up acting and moved to Los Angeles due to the WGA strike.In three years, he received his Summa Cum Laude. 

Zane’s career took off thanks to his role as Tony on The Vampire Diaries.He most recently appeared on FOX’s The Resident.

Zane Stephens Age Reveal

Zane Stephens’s age is yet to be revealed. However, as he has been in the entertainment field since he was 18, he must be 35-38 years old.

Zane was born on the 27th of August. However, his birth year is unknown. 

Other than that, he is a father to two boys. 

Zane Stephens Wife: Is He Married?

While studying Philosophy at Boyce College, Zane Stephens met his wife, Tina Alysia. Zane & Tina fell in love and got married ten years ago. It was because of his wife, Zane returned to acting.

They moved to Atlanta post-graduation and got married. When he graduated, they moved to Atlanta, GA, and they married.Within three months of moving, he got to play Tony on the blockbuster drama The Vampire Diaries. 

Zane and his wife currently reside in Los Angeles.