Yuka Saso Parents: Meet Her Father Masakazu Saso And Family

Masakazu Saso is proud of Yuka Saso achievements so far in her career. Let us know his age and wife. 

Masakazu is father of Yuka Saso. Yuka is a golfer who became the youngest US LPGA Woman’s Open Champion.

Masakazu Saso Yuka Saso Father

Masakazu Saso is Yuka Saso father.

In fact, he is also a personal coach of Yuka. Masakazu started training his daughter Yuka at the early age of eight.

Yuka aimed to be a professional golfer at a young age, all thanks to her father. She won the gold medal at the 2016 World Junior Girts Championship. Actually, she received an award at the 2017 PSA Annual Award for that.

Also, Saso’s performance at the 2018 Asian Games got worldwide attention. She earned the Philippines their first-ever gold medal in both women’s individual and women’s team events.

Masakazu became a proud father in recent days too. He saw his daughter win the LGPA Woman’s Open Championship at San Francisco’s Olympic Club.

Interestingly, Yuka was the first-ever Filipino to win the championship. Also, she is the youngest ever too.

Masakazu Saso Wife and Family

Masakazu Saso wife is Fritzue Saso.

Saso’s wife gave birth to their daughter on June 20, 2001. It is not known when the two married each other.

Yuka was born when the Saso Family was in San Bulacan, Philippines.

There is not much information about Masakazu’s wife or Yuka’s mother as of now.

Masakazu’s Net Worth: Is He A Golfer?

Masakazu’s net worth is not known in exact figures.

He was also a golf player at a young age.

As a result, he may have earned some good fortune. He had raised his daughter Yuka in a prosperous family.

Also, there is no information about his profession apart from golfing.

Masakazu’s Age

Masakazu Saso age is around mid-40s.

There is no information about his exact birth date.

Masakazu’s daughter Yuka has reached 19 years of age.

His Nationality and Ethnicity

Masakazu Saso’s nationality is Japanese.

Besides, his wife’s nationality is Filipino. Yuka’s Japanese name is because of her father.

Also, Yuka has won two LGPA Japan Tours.

Also, Masakazu’s ethnicity is confidential at the moment.