Fact Check: Is Viy Cortez Pregnant? 

Yes, the web personality Viy Cortez is pregnant; in fact, she is six weeks pregnant at the moment.

She took to her YouTube with an emotional video to reveal her pregnancy to surprise her audiences.

The video started with her testing pregnancy kits and learning she would soon be a mother.

Viy then surprises her partner, goes to the video scan, and surprise her family members.

The entire comment section is overloaded with blessings for their new member in the family.

On knowing their pregnancy, their family were emotional and overwhelmed with joy.

Everything On Viy Cortez Miscarriage And Baby 

Viy Cortez has opened about her baby and miscarriage to the public already.

In the video of last December 19, she found out she was about to welcome a new member.

However, after a few days of learning about their pregnancy, the couple lost their baby.

Viy Cortez uncovered an emotional video entitled “BLESSING” on her YouTube.

With a heavy heart, she opened about her miscarriage and the inner emotional battles she is going through.

The baby Viy Cortez miscarried would have been her and boyfriend Cong TV’s firstborn.

In about a few days, Viy suffered bleeding just learning about their pregnancy.

Upon checking the baby’s condition, Viy heard of the tragic news about her baby.

Viy Cortez Age Explored

The prosperous YouTuber Viy Cortez’s age is 25 years old at this moment in time.

Insights in regards to Viy introduction to the world include July 23 1996.

The prominent web personality Viy Cortez is originally from the Philippines. 

Who Is Viy Cortez Husband? Is She Married?

Viy Cortez isn’t married; however, she is with her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Cong TV.

Her boyfriend is also a YouTuber who has a relatively large fanbase than Cortez.

His channel counts 9.08 million subscribers with 427 videos to date.