YouTube: Who Is Mona Love Aka Dontcallmewhitegirl?

Mona Love aka dontcallmewhitegirl is a YouTuber, comedian as well as a social media influencer who is based in Philadelphia.

Mona rose to popularity thanks to her video titled Why you being weird to me? which is spreading among the online community.

She is active in all of the social media platforms and can be found with thousands of followers on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram as well.

While her professional background is unknown, Love is best known for creating parody as well as comedy videos.

Besides that, she can also be seen in podcasts and has labelled herself as a comedian.

On top of that, she has her user ID dontcallmewhitegirl on all of the media platforms, so it is easy to find her on them.

How Old Is Mona Love?

Guessing from her appearance, Mona Love’s age seems to be around 25- 30 years old.

Mona looks particularly young while her exact birthdate is not specifically known to the outsiders.

Anything else on her childhood and early age background information is also unexplored as the lady has not really opened up about it.

Likewise, she likes to keep her personal life far from the media coverage as well.

Does Mona Love Have A Wikipedia?

No, Mona Love doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio.

She is more of an aspiring comedian rather than a well established one.

Similarly, Mona has just started getting the attention and followers on her social media accounts.

So, it might be a while until she gets a Wikipedia bio page depending on her works and involvements.

Meet Mona Love On Instagram

Mona Love can be found on Instagram with the username @dontcallmewhitegirl.

while her Instagram account is not verified, Mona has well over 36k followers on the social media platform.

She usually uploads photos and videos of her work involvement on her account.

Besides that, she can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and other media platforms.