Yes, Corpse Husband Face Reveal is Fake – Twitter & Reddit Has A Reaction

Corpse Husband allegedly had a face reveal and it is breaking Twitter. Stay with the article to find out his fan and follower’s reactions.

Corpse Husband is an American Youtuber and musician best known for his Among Us Let’s Play content and horror story narration. He has never released his face online but rather portrays himself through a series of avatars. He is known for his deep and low-pitched bass voice.

Although he has been making content online for a long time, Corpse blew up in 2020 during the Among Us hype. Since then, he has managed to gain 7.58 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He has also released music and his song. “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE” has over 119 million streams on Spotify.

Yes, Corpse Husband Face Reveal is Fake

A picture that some alleged was Corpse Husband’s real face gained attention on Twitter on September 26. Several people were quick to jump in with their reactions to the face reveal rumors. Other photos of different people were also uploaded to throw in some doubts into the mix, which made the whole trend seem to be a hoax.

The recent Corpse Husband face reveal is not real. Many people are curious what the deep-voiced streamer looks like in real, but he has dropped several hints to the fans about his appearance, reports Dexerto.

Twitter And Reddit Has A Reaction To Fake Face Reveal

Many people were convinced that the pictures were not of Corpse Husband. People on Reddit and Twitter were too quick to give out their reactions to the fake face reveal. The hate began to pour in, with people insulting the physical appearance of the people in the photo.

Corpse’s fans called out people’s double standards. People expected him to look like a mega-hot guy but started bullying him once he did not meet their standards. The fans have also blamed people for being too inquisitive and for invading the Youtuber’s privacy.

Who Is Corpse Husband?

As per Sportskeeda, Corpse Husband’s real name is Randall. It is also mentioned that he lives in the mid-east and works in an automobile shop. Husband’s net worth is estimated to be $ 1 million.

He was born on August 8, 1997, and his current age is 24 years. Husband was born and raised in San Deigo, California. He is chronically ill and suffers from conditions such as GERD, thoracic outlet syndrome, fibromyalgia. He also has to wear an eyepatch due to strain from the brightness of screens.