Yegor Pochkaenko Called The Youngest Victim Of Russia As He Was Killed In Ukraine Ambush

Yegor Pochkaenko was an 18-year-old soldier sent to warfare by the Russian government in Ukraine. 

While we hear many death news of Ukrainian people and soldiers, Russia has also recorded the deaths of their Army, but it rarely publicizes the deaths.

Putin’s government has publicized very few deaths as of yet. However, the recent death record of a teenager has raised disputes over the deployment of contract soldiers.

Who Was Yegor Pochkaenko?

Yegor Pochkaenko was a teenager who was sent to Ukraine by Putin’s government to fight in the war in Ukraine. According to Daily Mail, he was killed the day before his 19th birthday after being carried over 8500 kilometers across his homeland to participate in Vladimir Putin’s war.

Moreover, he is one of just a few dead Russian soldiers whose names have been revealed. In addition, Russia has not provided solid data on its casualties in the “special military operation.”

However, the US has put the death toll at up to 6000, with many officers being injured. Loss of life is the ultimate result of the war. Whether it is the Ukrainian Army, its citizen, or the Russian soldiers, both sides will lose human lives.

Many people have been advocating to end it, but no one knows when this will end, and the world will stop losing young people like Yegor.

Nevertheless, Putin honored the Order of Courage to Pochkaenko, and he was given a military salute. Likewise, Dmitry Radchenko, a classmate, described his deceased friend as “kind and cheerful” and a football fan. He added that Yegor wanted to be a police officer before joining the Army.

Teen Named Yegor Pochkaenko Killed In Ukraine Ambush Is Russia’s Youngest Death

Yegor Pochkaenko, a teen killed in an ambush, is called Russia’s youngest death. However, he was acclaimed as a “hero” in his hometown of Belogorsk in the Amur region.

But his death was announced amid a dispute over the deployment of conscripts, some of whom are reportedly forced into enlisting as contract troops, writes

Although Putin denied that there are conscripts in the Army deployed to go to warfare in Ukraine, the defense minister claimed that they had found several instances where they saw the presence of conscripts in the Russian Army.

The statement has enraged Putin, who has now ordered the military Chief to punish those responsible for these unethical actions.

Who Are Yegor Pochkaenko Parents?

Yegor Pochkaenko was born to his parent, Inna. She is his mother, whose further information is unavailable.

The details of his father are also confidential as of now. They lost their child one day before his 19th birthday. Nonetheless, people around the world have been sending prayers to his family.