WizKid Biography: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Him

When you call the name ‘Wizkid’ everybody immediately knows who you are talking about but if you talk about Ayo Balogun, a lot of people might not really know whom you are talking about.

Well, they are one and the same person as Wizkid is only just a nickname he gave himself when he started his music career. Wizkid’s real names are Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.

Here are 10 other things you didn’t know about this young, successful musical super star.

1. He Began Singing at the Age of 11

Although it might have taken some years before he finally broke into limelight, Wizkid is not exactly a kid in the music industry. He started singing at the young age of 11 in local churches. At that young age, Wizkid could already handle being a vocalist as well as being a lead singer in the church choir.

He has also been a songwriter and been hanging around prominent people in the music industry for a very long time before he broke into limelight.

2. He was a Member of a Gospel Singing Group “Glorious Five”

Although their albums might not have been much of a hit, Wizkid was actually a member of a gospel singing group called ‘Glorious five’ and they released an album together before they eventually parted ways after Wizkid decided to pursue a solo career in pop music. The group consisted of Wizkid and four of his other church friends.

3. Wizkid is a Father

Many fans have playfully suggested that he change his name to ‘Wizdad’ as he is no longer a kid but now a father to a very handsome boy, Boluwatife Balogun. Boluwatife was born on October 2010 by his babymama, Oluwanishola Ogudugu. Although Wizkid publicly denied having a son for a very long time, he eventually owned up in October 2013 after he put up warm birthday wishes for his son’s 3rd birthday.

4. He Used to Be Known as Lil’ Prince

Well, if you ever hear the name Lil’Prince being used in reference to Wizkid, don’t be amused because Wizkid used to be called Lil’ Prince during his gospel singing days.

5. Wizkid is Highly Controversial

This is one Nigerian artist that is always in the news for both good and crazy things. There’s always one crazy story, fight or beef involving Wizkid.

6. He was Born in 1990

Wizkid was born in 1990 and that makes him 28 years presently in the year 2018.

7. He is Dating Tania Omotayo

Wizkid has been going steady with this young, beautiful lady Tania Omotayo, who is now somewhat of a celebrity too as her relationship with Wizkid has made her a popular face in the entertainment scene.

Update: Wizkid and Tania who is now an actress are no longer together.

8. He owns a Record Label

After parting ways with EME music, his former record label, Wizkid went on to start his own record label, Starboy Records and now has a couple of artist signed under the label as well.

9. Wizkid has a Unique Voice

One thing that that has undoubtedly helped his success in the music industry is his unique voice. Wizkid’s voice.

10. He is a Friend of Drake and Chris Brown 

Wizkid is said to be friends with well known musicians such as Chris Brown and Drake to mention a few. They have done a couple of songs together such as ojuelegba and come closer. They have also been pictured together several times hanging out.