“With All Due Respect, You’re Not The Person Best Suited To Take On This Topic”—Latasha Ngwube Drags Alibaba For Exposing Her Colleagues

Media character Latasha Ngwube has condemned humorist Alibaba for going after entertainers and their wellsprings of cash in a famous video.

Alibaba addressed entertainers who could bear the cost of homes for N45 million in the well known video.

He had an individual experience with an entertainer who, as per him, made a trip to Dubai with a big name, remained with him at a lodging, and posted on Instagram a couple of days after the fact, “Relaxing in Dubai?” “Could you at any point get a pass to Dubai?” he enquired.

BN Style Your Curves | Latasha Ngwube is About That Curvy Life! | BellaNaija By the by, Latasha She answered the video by saying she thought his remark was misogynist and beneath him. She pronounced that he was by all accounts going after ladies with his way.

“With all due regard Uncle Ali, I don’t believe you’re the individual most appropriate to take on this point. I believe it’s underneath you and bears a resemblance to sexism. There are numerous male entertainers who are likewise doing “some unacceptable things” and participated in illegal sexual action with (more established) people for pay and, surprisingly, other senior men. Your methodology seems like an assault on ladies when we ought to be centered around all sexes and the tensions they put people under with their tricky way of life. P.s. indeed, even those you distinguished that carry on with work, it’s as yet not ensured that their methodologies are unadulterated.’