Why Was Rapper Gunna And Young Thug Arrested? Racketeering Charges

According to the local station, Rapper Gunna and Young Thug have been arrested in Fulton County, Georgia, on RICO charges.

Young Thug was charged with conspiracy to breach the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and participate in local street gang activity.

On the other hand, Sergio Giavanni Kitchen, aka Rapper Guna, was charged with being accused with one count of RICO conspiracy.

According to the officials, Gunna and Young Thug are the among twenty-eight people who were linked to YSL and are charged with a 56-count indictment on Monday.

Is Rapper Gunna Arrested With Young Thug?

Rapper Gunna and Young Thug have been arrested as part of the massive bust involving charges of racketeering and gang violence, with YT already in prison.

According to TMZ, Young Thug is now jailed on counts of conspiracy to infringe the racketeer-influenced and corrupt groups act, participating in unlawful street gang activity.

Rapper Guna is also arrested with one count of Rico Conspiracy. Young Thug was also charged with using the murder vehicle of Donovan Thomas Jr, a rival gang member.

Young Thug’s Atlanta home was raided Monday, with agents knocking down walls and digging into his backyard. The case was submitted to Fulton County court.

Young Thug And Rapper Gunna Arrest On Racketeering Charges

Young Thug and Rapper Gunna were arrested in connection with Racketeering charges. Young Thug was currently locked up in Fulton county.

Thug was arrested in case of street gang activity and conspiracy to violate the RICO Act, while Gunna was arrested with conspiracy to violate the RICO Act.

They were charged with conspiring to violate the Racketeer Inspired and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, murder, armed robbery, and engagement in gang violence gang activity.

Rapper Gunna Net Worth In 2022

According to Celebrity’s net worth, Rapper Gunna’s net worth is estimated at $4 million as of 2022.

As a musician, Gunna’s main source of revenue comes from Songwriting, rapping, and singing. He is also a fashion Icon and businessman.

He is one of the highest-paid rappers and singers who charge around $20,000 and $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) to do events and concerts.

Who Is Rapper Gunna Girlfriend?

Rapper Gunna is currently dating his girlfriend, Chloe Bailey.

Chole Bailey, popular by her nickname Mononymous, is an American singer, writer, and music producer.

Gunna and Chloe were spotted purchasing at H.Lorenzo Men on Sunset Plaza in Hollywood, holding hands and looking very much like a couple.