Why Is Chris Boardman Not On ITV4 Tour De France And Where Is He Now?

Leaving: Why Is Chris Boardman Not On ITV4 Tour De France 2022?

Chris Boardman is not on ITV4 Tour De France 2022 as he quit back in 2018. He was appointed in the role of Greater Manchester’s first commissioner for walking and cycling in July 2017.

However, he had to refuse his daughter a ride she asked him to the park. He felt that he was challenged at some point for not being able to take his daughter despite being a professional cyclist.

He then thought of leaving and actually leaving his position as co-presenter in order to concentrate on that role. After he retired from his profession of cycling, he became a presenter for ITV’s coverage.

He was appointed as Interim Commissioner for the government’s cycling and walking body named “Active Travel England” effective January 2022. He became permanent Commissioner from June 2022, whereas he left his position at Greater Manchester. 

He is 53 years of age, born on 1968, however, he retired from the Olympics at the age of 32. But his name is always highlighted as a cyclist that made wonders.

Where Is Chris Boardman Now With Net Worth $16 Million?

Chris Boardman is involved in producing commercial and competition bikes being associated with the Boardman Bikes and Boardman Elite ventures.

According to Idol Net Worth, Boardman’s estimated net worth is $16million. He won his first debut race, a 66km time trial. In addition, he got first place in the final road stage at both the Criterium du Dauphine Libere and the Midi Libre. 

He was also awarded an MBE for services to cycling. He was the presenter on ITV4’s coverage of the 2020 edition of the Tour de France that began on 29 August 2020.

Know About Chris Boardman Wife And Family

Chris Boardman is married to his wife Sally Anne in 1988, who is a supportive better half of the former cyclist. They have six children named Sonny, George, and Aggie and three more with undisclosed names.

Boardman is a family person often spotted at his games. After the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona after winning a gold medal, he shared a photo with his family at the airport on his way back.

Around 2010, his daughter asked him to take her for a ride to the park, he refused her request thinking it was too dangerous. He recalls this incident as a turning point in his life as he felt bad about refusing to be a cyclist.