Why is Calvin Robinson suspended by GB News?

Calvin Robinson, a British cleric, conservative political commentator, writer and broadcaster has been suspended.

He was suspended on September 29, 2023, from GB News after publicly supporting fellow GB News host Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton for making abusive statements towards a female journalist.

Both Fox and Wootton were suspended by GB News following an internal probe and an investigation by broadcast regulator Ofcom, which received around 7,300 complaints.

Addressing the situation on X, formerly known as Twitter, Rev Robinson wrote: ‘I get that people have to pay the bills. But GB News is more than a job – it’s certainly more than a chance to be on the telly – it is a mission.

‘An opportunity to shift the dial in public discourse. To have the conversations the shills on other channels cannot or will not have.

‘We must do all we can to avoid GB News becoming just another MSM outlet. Which it will, if we let it.’ He claimed that the bosses of GB News are ‘afraid’.

Rev Robinson added: ‘We are about to see if people really care about the project, or they just want a better slot, with a bigger team and better pay