Why I’m Currently Dating A 27 Year Old Man- Nkechi Blessing Reveals

This was uncovered by the contentious entertainer in a new meeting with the female hosts of the TV program “Your View.” She kept, saying the decision was likewise made following the exceptionally open and caustic separation of her relationship with her ex, Opeyemi Falegan.

Entertainer Nkechi Gift works in nollywood Sunday just owned up to dating a more youthful man. The entertainer guarantees that this is on the grounds that she has an extremely young demeanor.

“I’m entirely youthful on the most fundamental level, in my inside. He is a more youthful man. He’s 27, I’m 33. He causes me to feel like a child, hi. We are companions until further notice. We are making an effort not to characterize what we have now, we are simply accepting the way things are on the grounds that right now he satisfies me. Like my energy matches his energy and we are cool like that”.

When inquired as to whether the degree of development won’t influence the relationship, she said, “At the present time, I simply need to be content. So I’m really taking the path of least resistance. Cuz a many individuals be like “ah, when did you separate that you are dating once more” hi, I was raised with affection.”

“February fourteenth, I’m Valentina. I have such a lot of affection in me. I can give out such a lot of adoration. So what difference would it make? At the point when I see something that I like, that matches my energy. So I don’t have any idea, I’m simply taking the path of least resistance. I’m not even worried about breakfast or no morning meal since, in such a case that it works out, we move,” the entertainer said