Who Won Ciao House 2023? Season 1 Finale Results

Natalia Rosario won Ciao House 2023. Natalie was crowned the winner after her competitive finale with Saba and Corey.

The new international cooking competition of the Food Network introduced ten chefs who competed to acquire life-changing prizes and training from renowned chefs.

Italian chefs Gabe Bertaccini and Alex Guarnaschelli have judged the first season and selected their champion.

Ten aspiring chefs participate in the show to display their Italian culinary skills while competing as individuals and as a team.

The chefs who joined the first season are Corey Becker, Natalia Rosario, Saba Duffy, Omar Ashley, Trenica Johnson, Preston Paine, Jess Mahoney, Sarah Raffetto, Justin Robinson, and Matt Wasson.

In the Tuscan villa, these ten chefs should impress the judges to make it to the final round by mastering their Italian cooking.

Natalia, Saba, and Corey battle in the final round, which premiered on Sunday, June 4, 2023, at 9 pm.

Who is Ciao House 2023 Winner?

Natalia Rosario is the winner of Ciao House. Natalia, Saba, and Corey gave their best on Sunday’s finale on Food Network.

In the finale episode, the level of difficulty increased as to the level of the prize awaiting the champion.

Four chefs competed to be crowned the winner of winning an elite culinary education with Italian master chefs.

For the final round, Chopped Grand Champion and instructor Saba went to a gorgeous market in Florence to shop the fresh produce.

In the cooking duel, talented chefs Corey wins over Preston. As a result, Corey competes with Natalia and Saba in the final round.

Corey prepared a double-cut pork chop. But before the preparation, Alex was against his dish.

Saba made an American dish, while Puerto Rican chef Natalia served sunflower ravioli with crab as a starter, then a main rabbit dish with mushrooms.

Corey, Natalia, and Saba used every last second to make sure their dishes perfection.

In the end, Gabe and Alex have made a huge decision between the three dishes.

Although the judges complimented Saba’s creativity, they later selected a Chicago chef dish over all three as she embraces the Tuscan menu vibe more than Corey and Saba.

Rosario was representing Chi-town. There was a lot of creativity in her dishes while demonstrating her talent.

Fans believed it was a well-deserved win in the competition after her rabbit dish.

The proud Puertorican earns a coveted prize: an immersive culinary education in Italy and the chance to study with Italian master chefs.

Ciao House Thrilling Finale Explained

In episode 7, A Tuscan Redemption, Foodnetwork host Gabriele Bertaccini and Alex Guarnaschelli handled a cooking duel as they invited the previously eliminated chef for one last chance to be a finalist.

The episode was a plot twist as the two finalists, Natalia and Saba, were ready to go to the finale, but they had to wait and see who would compete with them next week.

Corey and Preston, a previously eliminated chef, battled on the episode, and Corey earned a spot in the finale episode of Last Chef Standing.

Brooklyn-born Corey joined the other two finalists to cook one last meal, knowing a life-changing prize was within his reach.

Corey Won Over Preston On Episode 8

Corey Becker and Preston Paine battled out in the redemption round. However, Corey was the one who won the spot and competed alongside the other two finalists.

Some viewers seemed happy as Cory and Preston are the best chefs on the show for them.

They felt glad they got another chance after they had the unfortunate situation of the pasta queen and backstabbing Saba in the previous episode.

They thought they wanted Corey to win because he was about the only one of them who consistently performed.

While some fans were surprised and pissed with the show twist as they brought back the contender who got eliminated. They said it would be ridiculous if the first person who had already been eliminated won and returned to the competition.

They do not feel it’s fair as the former contestant missed out on weeks of the challenger only to get back again.

The audience believed the whole episode where they broke the established rules, then still didn’t come to a definitive conclusion.

When some think about it from the finalist’s perception, they would be furious.

While they made it to the end and found out that the people they voted off returned to try and take the crown.

Ciao House Prize Money

Ciao House winners received life-changing cash, and even they got the opportunity to study immersive culinary across Italy.

The reputed master chefs trained them, per Food Network.

While some Food Network cooking shows do not provide cash prizes, like Tournament of Champions, some shows, like Chopped winner, gain $10,000.

While talking about Halloween Baking Championship, the champion receives the title alongside a side cash prize of $25,000. In seasons 4 and 5, the winner acquired a spot in Food Network Magazine.

Besides these prizes, it will be worth it to be part of the show as the culinary show winners relish stellar careers in the representative industry.

While many of them have gained success and even founded their resturant empires. Even the past winners judged the new show or got invited as the guest judge in the cooking competition.

Even the competitors judge the show either they lost the title.

Alex Guarnaschelli, the Ciao House judge, was the competitor on Iron Chef America. Although Cat Cora beat the challenge, Alex joined as the judge ever since.

Like other winners of the culinary show, Masterchef season 12 champion Dara Yu received fame and career advancement after winning.

Since the finale, she appeared as the special guest at the Master Chef Live Tour and toured the incrediable new food rescue center City Harvest.

Afterward, she became part of the Kelly Clarkson Show on October 20, 2022.