Who Was Sobhraj Hatchard Bavani? Charles Sobhraj Father, Mother Tran Loang Phun And Family

People are interested in learning more about Charles Sobhraj’s Father because “The Serpent” implied that he was just like him.

The eight-part crime Drama series “The Serpent” on BBC One and Netflix details the frauds and wrongdoings of Charles Sobhraj between 1975 and 1976.

He traveled Southeast Asia while posing as a gem dealer with his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc and friend Ajay Chowdhury, killing at least 12 people along the Hippie Trail. Nevertheless, Charles’ criminal rampage ended in the summer of 1976 despite his deft deceptions.

Charles Sobhraj Father: Who Was Sobhraj Hatchard Bavani?

During World War II, Charles Sobhraj was born in Saigon to his father, Sobhraj Hatchard Bavani and mother, Tran Loan Phung.

But when Charles was four years old, his Father left the household and married an Indian woman. According to rumors, Sobhraj never loved or accepted his son, so after Charles tried to crash his car, Sobhraj spoke with his ex-partner Tran, and they decided to send Charles to live with his family close to Pune, India, in 1961. 

After all, Sobhraj kept one of his two affluent households there. Charles started committing crimes around this time, starting with theft. He even tried to stow away on a ship to Saigon because he detested every aspect of life in India.

Meet Charles Sobhraj Mother Tran Loang Phun 

Charles Sobhraj was born to his mother, Tran Loang Phun.

Charles’ parents never wed, so when his Father left the family when he was a young child, he was thought to be stateless until Tran Loan Phung married a French lieutenant who was occupying the country.

They ultimately moved to France together. However, it is said that Charles attempted to flee at least twice because he felt his parents favored his half-siblings over him while he was growing up.

In the years that followed, Charles’s relationship with his parents wasn’t great, but he kept in touch with them. Charles persuaded his Father to lend him bail money in 1973 after he was jailed for robbing a jewelry store at a hotel in Delhi, India.

Aside from this, French citizens of Vietnamese descent have rarely spoken out in recent years regarding Charles or his crimes. Therefore, there for her complete absence from the public eye: either she has died, or she just doesn’t want the spotlight on her life.

Charles Sobhraj Family Details: Is He Married?

At Tran Loan Phung’s request, Charles spent a few months in his patriarchal home outside of Pune, India, to obtain citizenship. But Charles decided to board a ship as a stowaway because he detested his family, the food, and the weather and wanted to return to Saigon.

He was eventually returned to his mother in Marseilles, France, where he started a journey of petty crimes and served his first jail term for burglary in 1963. Tran Loan Phung, a native of a former French colony, was Tran through whom Charles could acquire French citizenship in 1970.

On October 9, 2008, the bikini killer married Nihita Biswas, his second wife, inside the Kathmandu prison. While working as a translator for his French lawyer, Nihita visited Sobhraj and developed feelings for the Bikini Killer. Three months after they first met, the two became engaged. Nihita was 21 years old and Sobhraj was 64 when they married.