Who Was Natisha Nicole Moffett? Moffett Family’s Car Accident -Everything To Know

Who Was Natisha Nicole Moffett? Explore the details about the woman who died along with her all 5 children in a tragic car accident. 

In the earlier days of July 2021, a huge collision occurred that killed and injured multiple people.

A woman named Iyona Holton and her 4 children were seriously injured in the accident, but they are all good now.

However, another woman Natisha Nicole Moffett and her 5 children could not survive the accident and passed away there at the spot.

With such a terrible incident happening and the woman Natisha Nicole Moffett and her children passing away, her husband is now left alone.

Hence, a lot of people seem very concerned about the former life of Natisha Nicole Moffett and the current wellbeing of her remaining family.

Indeed, concerns regarding who she is, her age, family, and accident updates are rising all over the web right now.

Who Was Natisha Nicole Moffett? Car Accident Revealed

Natisha Nicole Moffett was the woman who died in a tragic car accident a few months ago, along with all of her 5 children.

Natisha was on the way to California for travelling purposes when she was hit in her car by another woman, Iyona Holton, who was also driving with her 4 children.

Natisha’s and Iyona’s car collided with each other leaving both of the cars severely damaged and people injured.

And then, a truck came around and struck Natisha’s car again, which led to a fire in the car and she along with her children died.

The accident included the woman Iyona, her 4 children – a 2-year-old, 2 10 years olds, and a 14-year-old – who are all safe and alive right now.

Whereas, Iyona got arrested after her treatment n several accounts and charges: a class 2 felony of aggravated assault, a Class 6 felony of possession of drugs; paraphernalia.

Natisha Nicole Age: How Old Was The Dead Accident Victim?

The age of the accident victim Natisha Nicole was 35 years old at the time of her death.

Well, her exact age of the date of birth is not revealed anywhere, but there are many sources who have provided accurate information about her age.

Natisha Nicole Moffett Family Update

The only living member of the immediate family of Natisha Nicole Moffett is her husband Malik Thomas-Blakney.

Natisha and her 5 children  Josyia, aged 17; Giovanni and Santari, aged 16; Malik Jr., aged 8; and Makayla, aged 5, passed away that day, leaving only their father behind.

Their father was seen in an interview where he talked about how much he misses all of them and how they taught him to love.

He stated that they were everything for him and life will not be the same anymore.

Natisha’s mother is alive and she was the one who created the gofundme page for her which helped to organize the funeral.