Who Was Josiya Moffett? Natasha Moffett Son Died In A Car Accident

Josiya Moffett was one of the victims of a terrible car accident, which was joined by his mother Natisha Nicole Moffett, and his other siblings. Let’s find out more about him.

Josiya Moffett was a 17-year-old son of Natisha Moffett who died in a vehicle accident alongside his mother and four other siblings.

The accident occurred on the 2nd of July in 2021 nearby the Arizona circuit road.

He was on his way to California, where his family was preparing a Fourth of July party and weekend trip.

Who Was Josiya Moffett?

Josiya Moffett was the eldest son of Natisha Moffett who was 17 years old.

The young boy was also said to have lately started part-time work as an activity post at his school. He was also a big brother of four siblings, 16 years old Giovanni Thomas Blakney, and Santari Witherspoon, 8-year-old Malik Thomas-Blakney Jr., and 5-year-old Makayla Thomas Blakney.

Unfortunately, when a semi-truck struck them, they were all killed.

The untimely death of Josiya and his family has saddened the rest of his relatives.

Josiya Moffett: Car Accident Details

Josiya Moffett’s mother Natasha Moffett had moved to Phoenix two years earlier. Prior to the year 2019, the family resided in Grand Rapids.

She was on her way to San Diego for a weekend visit from Phoneix. Natasha and her children were trailing Ayana, her best friend, who was driving a separate car.

Unfortunately, Ayana had a flat tire, and since Natisha knew how to fix flat tires, they pulled over to the side of the road to get it mended.

Moments later, a tractor-trailer collided with Natisha’s car, breaking it in half and setting it on fire. On accident, Moffett and her children were murdered. The tractor-trailer also collided with a friend’s car, causing them to be sent to the hospital.

However, the cause of the trailer’s collision with the two vehicles remains unknown.

Moreover, Ynes Morrow, Josiya Moffett’s grandma, set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with financial commitments.

Who Was Josiya Moffett Mother Natisha Moffett?

Natisha Moffett was a 35-year-old cosmetologist who used to work in the beauty industry.

She came to Arizona on the advice of a childhood friend, Iyona Flowers, in quest of a new beginning. She was working on hair and nails at the time.

Likewise, Natisha was also a wife and mother. Her husband is  Malik Thomas Blakney with whom she was in a marriage relationship for 8-years.