Who Was Hartepool Journalist Syed Taalay Ahmed? Ghana Shooting Death Incident & Details To Know

Middle-aged Syed Taalay Ahmed worked for the London-based Muslim TV channel, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (MTA).

Syed Taalay Ahmed, a TV host, was shot dead while on a documentary trip to Ghana. According to BBC, The gunmen ambushed his vehicle (a bus) and shot him and his Ghanaian colleague.

The criminals fled the scene after taking their money and other possessions.

The police released a statement revealing they have caught the assailants, and justice will be served. The incident has caused disgrace to the country of Ghana.

Syed Taalay Ahmed Wikipedia: Who Was He?

Syed Taalay Ahmed was a native of Hartlepool, England. He completed his schooling at English Martyrs School, where he was the head boy. He later went to High Tunstall College of Science for further studies.

Syed graduated from the University of Sunderland with a major in Journalism in 2013.

He showed his athletic side by joining Hartlepool Cricket Club as well as football and table tennis.

Syed has received praises from every phase of his life. Rightfully so, as he was a hard worker since the beginning. He spends his school years as the head boy. His teachers called him to be “an outstanding student.”

His colleagues called him passionate for putting his work first while filming in Africa. His primary reporting was based on Islam and surrounding topics.

The appreciation for his life was endless.

Syed Taalay Ahmed Age: How Old Was He?

Syed Taalay Ahmed was 31 years old as he was born in the year 1991.

Further details on his height and weight are still mysterious.

You can follow him on his Twitter account and be a part of his 700 followers.

It is unclear what will happen to Syed’s account after his death.

Who Is Syed Taalay Ahmed Wife?

Syed Taalay Ahmed was blissfully married to his wife of many years. The couple was parents to two beautiful children. He indeed loved his family very much. His professor called him to be a dedicated family man.

The names of his family members have not yet been revealed.

He was born to Muslim parents who supported his career wholeheartedly. Of course, they had their inhibitions.

Only a fool would turn a blind eye to the dangers that come with being a journalist. But they knew that their son was working for the greater good.

Syed Taalay Ahmed Shot Dead In Ghana

Syed Taalay Ahmed was a British journalist. He was shot dead in Ghana while working on a story.

Police revealed that the attack took place near the town of Tamale in the north of the county. While working on a documentary that detailed accounts of the charity work conducted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, he was ambushed by robbers.

At 7 pm, armed criminals surrounded Ahmed and gravely injured him. They injured his colleague and ran away with the money. Syed was rushed to the Tamale Teaching Hospital by was declared dead sometime later.

The investigation has led to two men being suspected of the crime. They have been arrested.