Who was Ana Clara Benevides? Taylor Swift fan dies at Eras Tour concert in sweltering stadium in Brazil

A horrendous episode happened on Friday when a Taylor Quick fan died during a show in Rio de Janeiro
The 23-year-old fan has been recognized as Ana Clara Benevides
According to reports, she experienced a heart capture when she swooned during the occasion

A terrible event happened on Friday night at the Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos in Rio de Janeiro, when a 23-year-old enthusiast of Taylor Quick, died. The lady has been recognized as Ana Clara Benevides.

It is imagined that she experienced a heart capture when she blacked out during the occasion, as expressed by her cousin Estela Benevides and the Brazilian paper Folha De Sao Paolo.

The youthful fan was actually focused on some clinical consideration by on location specialists, yet tragically, they couldn’t restore him. Quick was seen via virtual entertainment interesting to arena representatives to give concert attendees water, obviously showing her anxiety.

The pop sensation later expressed that Benevides had died before the presentation in a proclamation. It’s as yet unclear in the event that the departed lady was a piece of the gathering Quick was alluding to. Rio de Janeiro was under an intensity warning when the occurrence occurred.

Who was Ana Clara Benevides?

Ana Clara Benevides was 23 years of age. She died not long after being taken to Salgado Filho City Medical clinic.

A neighborhood heat cautioning was given on Friday because of the outrageous intensity that Rio de Janeiro experienced, with temperatures hitting 100°F and feeling extensively more smoking at 109°F, as per USA Today. The awkward climate that concert attendees persevered during the presentation was likely a contributing component.

The arena’s temperature arrived at just about 100 degrees Fahrenheit during Taylor Quick’s show. Subsequently, the 33-year-old pop craftsman needed to momentarily stop her exhibition to ensure a portion of the intense audience individuals approached water.

Quick utilized Instagram after the show to share her shock and sorrow over the awful occasion. She said, “It’s staggering that I’m composing these words, yet it is with a messed up heart that I say we lost a fan recently before my show,” in her contacting proclamation. The degree of my pulverization at this couldn’t actually be communicated.