VP Candidate: Who Is Willie Ong’s Wife Anna Liza Ramoso? 

The vice-presidential candidate, Willie Ong, is married to his wife, Anna Liza Ramoso.

Anna is also a physician and actively works with her husband to give various practical yet straightforward health-related tips. In 1993, Anna graduated from De La Salle Health Science Institute and, in the same year, got married to Willie Ong.

She is also the medical director of the Pasay Filipino-Chinese Charity Health Care Centre established in 1991.

The couple has one of the largest followers on their Facebook and YouTube channels. They are also on Instagram.

Willie Ong Family Details

Willie and Anna together have two daughters. Their daughters are Anjelica Co Ramoso Ong and Catherine Co Ramoso Ong.

Currently, the family is living in Makati City and happily living their life.

Willie’s father, Ong Yong, was an immigrant from Jinjiang, China, who settled in the Philippines in 1922. They are better known as Co Tec Tai in the Chinese Filipino Community. 

Dr. Ong was an active charity worker who served as president for various civic organizations.

Willie Ong Net Worth: His Salary And Net Worth Exposed

The net worth of the cardiologist is around $2.32 million. He earns $580.25 thousand a year.

Since 2001, he has worked in Manila Doctor Hospital as a cardiologist. Apart from being a doctor, he is also a politician, YouTuber, writer, and columnist.

Dr. Willie has a YouTube Channel named Doc Willie Ong, where he and his wife has shared a lot of videos on all health concerns like women’s health, heart disease, exercise, physical therapy, mental health, and others.

Most of the videos are in their native language Filipino, and they have also posted 100 videos in English. They have around 7.1 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel.