Who Is Tristan Snell? Insight On His Wikipedia And Wife

Tristan Snell Wikipedia is still in the process of documentation. But his career as the Managing Partner at Tristan Snell PLLC is running smoothly. Learn more about him below.

Tristan is an American advocate and former assistant attorney of the State of New York.

He is also the founder and managing partner of Main Street Law since May 2021.

Know His Net Worth

Tristan, without a doubt, enjoys a notable net worth figure from his corporate and law career.

Meanwhile, he has not publicized his earnings though it is sure that they are not dismayed.

We will update this section as soon as we get any leads on his yields very shortly.

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Meet Tristan Wife

Tristan Snell does not have a wife.

He has not confirmed his marital status as of yet. Hence, any deets on his wife are not on display.

Despite his young age, around his 30s, any traces of his dating life and partners are not recorded as of yet.

However, it is sure that he has been into at least one relationship in the past.

Is Tristan Snell On Wikipedia?

Tristan Snell’s official biography has not been documented on Wikipedia as of yet.

Nevertheless, his educational qualifications and professional ventures are available on his LinkedIn profile.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in politics from the Princeton University. He obtained his J.D. degree in 2003 from the University of Virginia School of Law.

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Tristan has been associated with numerous corporate offices as an intern and clerk until he served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection.

He is known for investigating Trump University for fraud and violations of NY Education Law as he was successful in a $25 million settlement.

His active and ongoing business and financial investigations and law settlements motivated him to start the Tristan Snell PLLC and Main Street Law as of today.