Who Is Trevor Ariza & Lana Allen Son? NBA Star’s Brother Tahj and Parents

Trevor Ariza, the basketball player, has a son with his ex-wife, Lana Allen. The couple is fighting for the custody of child Tajh Ariza.

After claiming that he had physically abused the child, Lana Allen, Trevor Ariza’s ex-wife, argued that the NBA player had threatened their son in 2020. She has again come to create difficulties for Ariza and his new family. Though the court already dismissed the case of accusing Allen don’t want her son to stay with his father. The issue was highlighted, and everything changed after the Judge’s decision.

The Judge determined that Ariza did not currently or in the past constitute any harm to his kid, supporting Ariza’s denial of the claims. Ariza has had legal issues with a former partner before.

Quick Facts On Trevor Ariza

Real Name Trevor Anthony Ariza
Nickname Trevor
Date of Birth June 30, 1985
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Islands-Dominican
Ex Wife Lana Allen
Son Tahj Ariza

Trevor Ariza And Lana Allen Son

Trevor Ariza of the Trail Blazers was charged with physically beating Tajh, his oldest child. Lana, Tajh’s mother, requested a restraining order be placed on the NBA player.

Trevor Ariza, a small forward for the Portland Trail Blazers, made news In 202 after Lana Allen, the mother of his eldest kid, accused the NBA star of repeatedly violently beating Tajh, their 12-year-old son. Nevertheless, according to accounts, Trevor Ariza vehemently refuted the accusations and vowed to defend himself. The trial for the matter is slated to take place in October, according to the court paperwork.

According to reports, Trevor Ariza vehemently denied the charges and pledged to defend himself. According to court documents, the case’s trial began in October 2020. Allen also disclosed that she reported it to the LAPD, per TMZ reports. The Department of Child and Family Services currently records the claimed injuries.

Allen was requesting a restraining order against Ariza in a recently filed court filing to prevent him from seeing her child. Allen acknowledged that Tajh “does not feel comfortable in his care” and added that Tajh “fears” his father. Ariza promptly responded, vehemently rejecting accusations, after becoming familiar with Allen’s claims.

As a result of the “cruel loyalty of dispute and selfish attempts to try to interfere between a father and son’s connection,” Ariza said that Allen had been mistreating their child. The 37-year-old NBA champion decided not to play for the Trail Blazers during the NBA bubble to spend more time with his son. Since joining the NBA in 2004, Ariza has played for the Knicks, Magic, Lakers, Rockets, New Orleans Hornets, Wizards, Suns, Kings, and Blazers, among other teams.

NBA Star Brother Tahj & Parents

Kenny McClary is Trevor Ariza’s father, Lolita Ariza is his mother, and Tajh Ariza and Kenny Ariza are his brothers.

Tajh, 6, and Kenny, 9, were back at the hotel with a babysitter on March 18, 1996, while Trevor and his mother were seeing his stepfather play basketball in Caracas, Venezuela. Tajh and Kenny were playing around when Tajh mysteriously slipped out of the window and left the world after plummeting more than 30 floors.

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It was tough, recalls Trevor. “His best friend was his younger brother. Every evening they shared the same bed. They collaborated on everything. It was difficult for his mother and anyone to lose a kid. Kenny witnessed him collapse. He experienced frequent nightmares.”

Knowing his younger brother was in a box on the flight from Venezuela to the United States was particularly difficult, according to Trevor.

As of 2022, Trevor Ariza will be 37 years old. He was born in Miami, Florida, on June 30, 1985. Cancer is Trevor Ariza’s horoscope sign. His religion is kept under wraps. Ariza has graduated from high school. After completing his coursework there, he graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ariza is of Islands-Dominican descent and holds American nationality. Trevor Ariza is approximately 98 kilograms and 6 feet and 8 inches tall.

Trevor Is Married To The Most Beautiful Bree Anderson After Lana Alen

Speaking specifically about his wife and married life, Trevor Ariza does have an odd relationship status.

He has been married twice because his first and primary marriage did not work out. Regarding his second marriage, Trevor wed Bree Anderson, with whom he has a modest, loving family. The pair have supported each other as their pillar of strength for years.

Anderson, Bree Ariza, a stunning woman with tan skin, is beautiful. Her form is hourglass-shaped. Unfortunately, there are no specifics on her upbringing, history, or schooling. Bree first gained notoriety as Trevor Ariza’s wife and values privacy. Similarly, nothing is known about Bree Anderson’s line of employment.

On July 30, 2017, in Los Angeles, Trevor wed Bree Anderson, his longtime lover. Well, their guest list for the wedding included well-known figures like Chris Paul, James Harden, Dorell Wright, Travis Scott, and Kylie Jenner, who dressed as Hillary Clinton in a red pantsuit. They also arranged a private Travis Scott performance for their wedding guests. Travis Scott is a rapper who was born and raised in Houston. Travis sang his 2016 hit song “Goosebumps” during the performance.

The multi-tiered cakes are among the couple’s wedding’s most enduring memories. Bree accidentally got cake on her face when cutting the cake. Ariza wore a bright shirt and jeans to the wedding. After all, he had dressed in a grey suit and a bow tie. Bree was dressed in a deep V-necked lace mermaid dress. Ruffles were on the bottom of the dress.

Trevor Ariza and Bree Anderson are parents to two children: Taylor Ariza, a newborn girl, and Tristan Ariza, a three-year-old boy.

In addition to these two, Trevor is the father of Tajh Ariza, a son by his ex-wife Lana Allen. The Trevor family emphasizes the name “Tajh” because it is in honor of Trevor’s sadly lost younger brother.  Trevor’s family as a whole embraces and coexists. Looking after them all is warm mother, Bree Anderson. Like this, Trevor frequently takes time away from his NBA profession to be with his wife and children.

Career Of NBA Star Trevor

Having played in the NBA since the 2004–05 season, Trevor Ariza has spent his whole career on several different teams. He had several great seasons and even helped Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA title.

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Ariza averaged 11.6 points and 6.5 rebounds per game in his lone season at UCLA. The Washington Post reports that he then declared for the 2004 NBA draft, initially only to test the waters before a falling-out with UCLA coach Ben Howland. The New York Knicks subsequently selected Ariza with the 43rd overall choice in the 2004 NBA Draft. As a rookie for the Knicks, Ariza scored 5.9 points per game on average.

Ariza lost his place in the rotation while playing for the Knicks, expressing his confusion over it. Larry Brown, the head coach, reacted by labeling him “delusional,” as reported by The Washington Post. Later, during the 2005–06 season, the Knicks traded Ariza to the Orlando Magic. Ariza participated in three seasons with the Magic: 2005–06, all of 2006–07, and a portion of 2007–08.

While there, he averaged four rebounds and 7.2 points per game. Later, during the 2007–08 NBA season, the Magic traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Ariza missed four months of action in January 2008 due to a broken bone in his foot. He could only shoot stationary jumpers during that period, which ultimately helped him develop his shooting skills.

In just 24 games with the Lakers in 2007–08, Ariza participated. He participated in every one of the 82 games in 2008-09, and the enhancements he made to his shooting proved very beneficial to him and the Lakers. The Orlando Magic, Ariza’s former team, lost to the Lakers in that season’s NBA Finals. In the regular season, he grabbed 4.3 rebounds per game and scored 8.9 points on average. He scored 11.3 points per game in the playoffs and pulled down 4.2 rebounds.

Ariza has played for six organizations since the Lakers won the title, including two separate stints with the Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards.

With the Rockets, Ariza had his most excellent statistical year in 2009–10, averaging 14.9 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. Before the NBA paused its season, he averaged 4.6 rebounds and eight points per game while playing for the Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings. Ariza averages 10.5 points and 4.8 rebounds per game during his entire career.

Trevor Ariza Net Worth

Trevor Ariza has a net worth of $20 million from his playing career in the NBA. While he also benefits from brand deals and sponsorships.

He has been earning and living a luxurious life with his wife, yet he has been in trouble with his former wife since she has asked for her son’s full custody, living a happy life with his father and present mother.

The net worth he created could also be the reason Lana has been troubling her husband.

Some FAQs

Who is Trevor Ariza’s wife?

Bree Anderson Ariza is the life partner of Trevor Ariza. Ariza was previously married to Lana Allen.

Who are Trevor Ariza Parents?

His parents are Lolita Ariza (mother) and Trevor Saunders (father). He had two brothers named Tajh Ariza and Kenny Ariza.

Who Is Trevor Ariza’s Son?

Trevor Ariza’s son name is Tahj Ariza. He was named after Trevor’s brother.