Who Is Todd Barraco From Michigan? Ghost Operation Leads To His Arrest For Charges Of Assault On Minor

Todd Barraco, a former Vassar Police officer, gets arrested by the GHOST team for sexual assault charges on a minor child. Learn more. 

Todd Barraco, 44, got apprehended in connection with a sex crime. He was accused of attempting to have a physical relationship with a minor.

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson and TV host Chris Hanson announced the details of the operation conducted by the Genesee Human Trafficking Oppression Strike Team.

Arrested: Who Is Todd Barraco From Michigan?  Former Vassar Officer

According to Sherriff Police, the GHOST-led sting operation resulted in the unexpected arrest of Todd Barraco. Barraco works as a part-time cop for the Vassar Police Department.

The offender had openly planned to meet a 15-year-old girl in order to engage in a physical relationship. He was arrested on the spot and charged with child sexual abuse, soliciting a child, and using a computer to commit an offense.

Barraco, according to reports, transferred between school districts while also working part-time as a police officer. According to officers, the victims will now come forward and speak out against the predator.

He had worked in  Inlay City Schools as the Dean of Students till 2014 and had worked as the assistant principal of Westwood High School in 2015. He was also the principal of Merrill Community School.

Following the announcement of the operation’s outcome, Vassar police chief Ben Guile announced that Barraco had been let go by the department.

The Sheriff’s Police Department also advises anyone with information about Barraco to contact their local police department.

Meet Todd Barraco Wife & Family On Facebook

Nothing much about Todd Barraco wife or family has been released to the public yet. To date, only his mugshots along with the charges he will be facing have gone public.

Todd Barraco is a middle-aged man who appears to have a decent family with kids already. However, his social media information is unknown.

Barraco is not on any online platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, so we don’t know much about his family. However, we are confident that as the case progresses, officials will provide more information on him.