Who Is Tianis Jones From Florida? Pregnant Woman Twerk Mcdonalds Over Late Order

Tianis Jones is a 22 years old and five-month pregnant lady from Florida who caused a big drama at Mcdonald’s on Friday, May 20, 2022. More details about her rash behavior and the consequences.

Tianis Jones was a Florida woman who entered the Mcdonald’s on Friday and started causing havoc, to everyone’s surprise. Tianis placed a Happy Meal Order online where she ordered tea and fries, Happy Meal Chocolate Shake, and Filet O Fish Sandwich. When she reached the place to pick up her order, she got directed to a different drive-thru, but thoroughly infuriated, she parked her car and entered the counter.

Her anger was evident as there were some mistakes on her order list, and she had to drive to the place to pick up a seemingly wrong order. Still, her anger was not justified against the employees, the other attendee at the eating place, and the unjustified chaos and scene of madness that she caused that Friday.

She knocked several items off the shelf, threw foods everywhere, and shattered the place while destroying every possible presence of a calm tone at the site. And before she left after a session of madness, she twerked at the employees to the utter shame of her action.

Who Is Tianis Jones From Florida? 

Tianis Jones is a pregnant lady from Florida who got arrested after throwing a tantrum at Mcdonald’s on Friday. Tianis was arrested on a charge of burglary, misuse of a 911 call, assault, criminal mischief, and also disorderly conduct.

As per Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Tianis created a scene at the order pickup center at Mcdonald’s and then proceeded to call 911 and complain to the Polk County PD about the error in her placed order. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office later released a 2 minutes long conversation snippet from the seemingly long 10 minutes actual session to the general public.

Tianis then shattered the quiet place in all rage and left the area after seemingly twerking at the employees, shocked to see her harsh behavior. One of the employees quoted that she ended up being a McBurglar. 

During her complaint session with Polk County Office through her misused 911 call, she criticized the Mcdonald’s employees, stating that she was being cheated of her money and the place was dishonest to her. However, McDonald’ reportedly tried to calm her down by assuring her refund and cost reimbursing.

Florida Woman Tianis Jones Twerk Mcdonalds Over Late Food Order

Florida woman Tianis Jones, who twerked at the Mcdonald’s employees after a brief session of shattering and destroying the sense of the place for her wrongly placed order, has now been arrested over burglary and assault.

On Friday, Tianis entered Mcdonald’s, created chaos, and ran a tantrum after they directed her to Window 3 with a separate serving of a different order. She overreacted to his gentle issue and even called 911 to complain about the employees. The call was later indicted in her crime charges as 911 call misuse.

Tianis Jones Indicted For Her Tantrum-Arrested For Assault Charges 

Tianis Jones is now facing multiple charges for her Friday tantrum at a Florida-based Mcdonald’s place.

She has been charged with burglary at the place, disorderly conduct, misuse of 911, and assault at a food place.