Who Is The Bidding Room Dealer Adi Higham? Facts About His Wife And Family

Adi Higham, often referred to as Adrian Higham, is an English antiquities dealer who began his business at age 21. The British dealer has gained public attention due to his appearance on BBC’s The Bidding Room.

Eight dealers competed to see who could close the most deals, and Higham is highly recognized and has an extensive fan base due to his involvement in the show.

Amid this, he enjoys buying nearly anything, from furniture to fabrics, but he likes toys and anything that puffs steam or smoke!

Moreover, here’s what we know about the antique dealer and his personal affairs. 

Wikipedia: Adi Higham 30 years Of Antique Dealing Career

Adrian “Adi” Higham was one of the eight traders in 2021’s The Bidding Room. Adi, from East Sussex, started his business restoring and selling vintage signage at the age of 21.

After selling a bike for ten times what he bought for it, he decided to go into business for himself as a full-time dealer, showcasing his evident aptitude for pricing and sales!

He initially dealt with furniture, but he has since widened his interests and enjoys mechanical items like vehicles, bikes, steam engines, and toys. Nevertheless, he acknowledges that there is probably nothing he would avoid.

Further, Adi owns and operates Hoof Brocante, an antique shop in Romney Marshes, featured in the new BBC series.

In a conversation with Antiques Trade Gazette, Adrian discussed what his clients were looking for. He said: “I have customers who tell me the leather seats need more tears, and the antique and vintage mirrors that are scarred and scratched are not worn enough.”

Bidding Room Dealer And His Second Wife Tara Franklin Runs Hoof Brocante

Adi Higham and his partner Tara Franklin have been together for several years. But before that, the antique dealer was married to his first wife, who died when his kids were two and six months old.

Years after struggling with grief, he finally moved on with Tara, and the two started Hoof Brocante, an antique shop on Romney Marsh on a former RAF base in Kent, UK.

His wife specializes in vintage French garments and antique French textiles and linens. In contrast, she frequently enters private barn brocantes and is often invited by a private party to sit and have a refreshing glass of wine in a stunning castle in the south of France.

With over 30 years of trading experience, The Hoof Brocante is an expert in various French art, design, antiques, furniture, apparel, and more. They adore French culture and travel there weekly to find and collect goods for consumers to appreciate.

East Sussex-Based BBC Dealer Is A Year Older Than His Partner

Speaking of ages, Adrian Higham is said to be 53 years old, while Tara, his spouse, is said to be 50 years of age.

Adi does appear to be some years older than Tara Franklin based on their pictures, even though their exact age gap is unknown as of this writing.

Basically, on her birthday, Adi wrote a lengthy text message on his Instagram page that reads:

“As I type this, we have just battled out in incredible snow, so I thought it would be best to post a picture of @tara.franklin_antiques looking a little happier. The main roads are clear because the snow plows operate, but the hills leading to the house are still difficult.”

“We just left, so we’ll see when we return. Fantastic company, @pagoda antiques celebrating Tara’s 50th birthday a little late. Just a wonderful day. Right now, just getting some things before returning to the house… The aga is gleaming while the fires are raging.”

Similarly, his wife Tara posted an image on her Instagram page on the occasion of his birthday with the following caption: “I wish you a happy birthday, @hoof.antiques_brocante. I hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable day. Thank you so much for the amazing day’s start, wonderful George and Sarah @chateaudebrives! I loved it Happy birthday, my love.”

Active On Instagram, Adi Shared Pictures Of His Four-Membered Family

As you browse his Instagram profile, you’ll see pictures of his family, including his wife, daughter Georgia, and son Daniel, in addition to shots of his vintage products.

In essence, both of his children are in their 20s. Tara appears to have a close relationship with the kids, although they are Adi’s from his first marriage.

In fact, she wrote in a birthday post on December 27, 2020, “Happy 18th birthday to my wonderful kid Georgia. You’ve grown into such a beautiful, kind, funny and brilliant girl.” to commemorate her daughter Georgia’s 18th birthday.

Since making his final appearance on “The Bidding Room” a year ago, Adrian has opted not to interact with the media, which has led to concerns about his illness.

Adrian Higham struggles with an eating disorder. As soon as Adi’s first wife died, he began to gain weight rapidly. Higham collapsed aboard a ship in 2015 due to his 36-stone weight.

In 2017, Adi joined the “Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge,” which provided him with individualized fitness instruction, dietary guidance, and lifestyle recommendations to enhance his health.

According to Press Reader, doctors told Higham that if he didn’t reduce his weight, he would die. Adi became aware of the importance of his weight after witnessing Geoff and the program.

Moreover, he had health problems as a result of his obesity. But with the aid of his determination, he was able to slim down and get back in shape.

His Net Worth On Rise After BBC Show “The Bidding Room”

After making his television debut on the BBC program “The Bidding Room,” Adi became well-known, and as a result, his net worth and earnings after the show may have increased dramatically.

Many sources online claimed that he made over a million dollars, which may be accurate given his expertise in the antique trade.