Who Is Temiz Twitch?

Temiz twitch is not a person but, a hashtag started by the Turkish Twitch star.

Nowadays, we could see that many streamers are posting #TemizTwitch for the cleaning of the fraud.

Famous publishers such as Jahrein, Clumsykitty and Pintipanda shared on their respective Twitter handle with #Temiz Twitch.

As per Megabayt, that in recent events on Twitch, it is claimed that money laundering, fraud using stolen credit cards, and many important Twitch publishers are involved.

Jahren was not broadcasting for 3 months due to a health issue and opened a live broadcast after knowing the fraud. He made the statement about fraudulent events on Twitch where over 60 thousand people watched it.

The fraud happed as the scammers reach out to the broadcaster and say that they earn Bits by watching ads with the help of remote computes and says that they will send them to the publishers.

And, if an agreement is made with the publishers, anonymous donations of Bits from stolen credit cards are made to the publishers.

Furthermore, the money donated is split between the publisher and the scammer at rates of 20% to 80% to 50% to 50%.

Afterward, the publisher deposits the scammers’ shares as a donation in crypto to the address given.

What Is Temiz Age And Real Name?

Temiz is not a personal name, it is a tag started by the Twitch streamer. It is translated as Clean in Turkish.

So, it does not have an age and a real name, cause it’s just a tag.


Meet Temiz On Instagram

On Instagram, there are altogether 527 posts under #temiztwitch.

It’s an act of protest started by some of the top streamers to fight against the Bit scam.

And, going through different social media sites, we could say that many people are supporting and also protesting.

Temiz Partner And Net Worth

If you are wondering the partner of the Temiz then I will say those who are against the fraud that happened on Twitch are the partner of the tag.

Many twitch streamers are not streaming to their channel until November 5 as a way of protest.

Those who are related to this thing might have added some more money to their net worth.

We hope that those who have done scams get punished legally and the authority should take instant action.