Who Is Tara Stringfellow? Memphis Author On CBS Saturday Morning

Tara M. Stringfellow is a poet, former lawyer, Northwestern University MFA graduate, and Fulbright Fellowship semifinalist.

Stringfellow’s father was a Marine, and she was born on a military base near Kansas City. She moved back to Tennessee at ten after her family was stationed in Japan.

She is an excellent writer and won the 2019 Book Pipeline Fiction competition with her novel Memphis.

The book’s clear road to film or TV series adaptation, as well as its deeply lyrical story, as epic in scope as it is in historical resonance, has won over pipeline executives.

Who Is Tara Stringfellow?

Tara M. Stringfellow is a poet, former lawyer, MFA graduate of Northwestern University, and Fulbright Fellowship semifinalist.

Stringfellow graduated with honors in English Literature and African American Studies. She went to Chicago-Kent College of Law to further her degree and subsequently worked in the legal industry.

Likewise, Stringfellow returned to NU after her legal career to earn her Master of Fine Arts in poetry and fiction summa cum laude.

She acknowledged her undergraduate work at NU and her legal experience by assisting her with portions of the novel’s research, such as locating land titles, court records, and autopsy reports.

Stringfellow’s writing career began before “Memphis.” Her first poem was published when she was eleven years old, and her first poetry book was published while she was a senior at NU.

Memphis Author Tara Stringfellow On CBS Saturday Morning

Tara M. Stringfellow’s debut novel, Alum “Memphis,” was released on April 5. On Thursday, she returned to Northwestern to read from the book.

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Stringfellow was a sophomore when Vaughn-Manley met her in 2005, and she went on to tutor her twice a year until she graduated. “Memphis,” according to the former professor, is an exclusively Black feminist work.

She noted that Stringfellow’s commitment to her profession was evident even as an undergraduate student.

Frick is the editor-in-chief of Penguin Random House’s The Dial Press, which published “Memphis.” Stringfellow’s book, she added, was a natural fit for the imprint’s focus on female empowerment.

“Memphis” is a gift for Black women, according to Stringfellow. She wants readers to realize that Black women have always contributed to the greatness of their country.

Is Tara Stringfellow married?

Tara M. Stringfellow was 30 years old when she married and lived in a luxury apartment in Chicago. “And I despised every minute of it,” she says now, six years later, from her Memphis home.

Similarly, She landed a position as a high-school English teacher in Memphis after graduation, and she divorced her husband on the same day she signed with her literary agent.

Stringfellow has also created a poem called Origins during her studies about a woman and her small children fleeing an abusive relationship.

After leaving her abusive husband, Miriam and her daughters Joan and Mya arrive at her sister August’s house, while flashback chapters provide a more detailed picture of the family’s history.