Who Is Tabitha Brown Brother Nic Few?

Upcoming actor Nic Few is gaining a spotlight as the brother of Tabitha Brown. Nic Few has recently collaborated with Tabitha in her YouTube Originals children show Tab Time.

Brown started her career in the early 2000s, working as a co-host on local late-night shows and interviewing celebrities.

She spent three years taking care of her mother until she passed away in 2007, and Brown resumed her career in small roles in several indie and direct-to-video films.

It was only a decade after her mother passed away that Brown would see some form of success after she became the brand ambassador for Whole Foods Market’s vegan BLT sandwich after her review of it went viral.

Since then, she has embarked on a successful journey as a social media influencer. She is on the New York Times Best Seller List and launched her clothing line.

Tabitha Brown Brother Nic Few Is An Actor

Tabitha Brown and her brother Nic Few both have acting as their profession.

Nic started his acting career in the late 2000s. His first role is an uncredited one in the long-forgotten television series Blotter as Officer Jim Carter.

After his first role, he kept making movies and appearing in short roles. As his career kept moving forward, he started getting more roles.

Unlike Tabitha, he never had to take hiatuses or pause his career, so he could rise through the ranks without any breaks. He finally hit his stride around the late 2010s.

After appearing in a string of shorts that showcased his talent, he began a series of prominent roles in video games and Marvel properties.

From playing Sarge in NBA 2K20 to Captain Holloway in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the years from 2019 to 2020 were very successful for Nic. The next decade would have more success in store, and that too due to his sister.

In 2021, she launched her YouTube Originals children’s show, Tab Time, and Nic has a prominent role in the show too.

Age Difference Between Tabitha Brown And Nic Few

Tabitha Brown and her brother Nic Few have an age difference of about nine years.

Tabitha is 43 years old, and Nic Few is 34.

She was born on February 4, 1979, in Eden, North Carolina.  Nic has stated that he is 34, so his date of birth can be either 1988 or 1989.

Nic started acting at a young age with the Jomandi Theatre Company.

Nic and Tabitha had such wildly different childhoods because they had different mothers, though both have reached a point where they joke about it rather than see it as an issue between them.