Who Is Sterling Skye Mahomes? Everything On Patrick Mahomes’ Daughter & Her Surgery

Eight-month-old Sterling Skye Mahomes made headlines as soon as she was born as she is the daughter of NFL Patrick Mahomes. Learn more about her life below.

Sterling Skye Mahomes is the daughter of Pro athlete Patchick Mahomes and his Fiancee, Brittnay.

The eight-month-old baby girl is their first child together.

Who Is Sterling Skye Mahomes? Patrick Mahomes’s Daughter

Sterling Skye Mahomes is the daughter of Patrick Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews.

Even though she is only a few months old, her parents love he to bits.

Before she was born, Brittnay used to share videos of working out when she was pregnant. She used to show off her baby bump with enthusiasm, calling her the biggest blessing of her life.

After she was born, her father documented every moment of her life.

Sterling made her baseball debut when the entire family showed up together in matching jerseys.

Since then, the couple makes sure to record every holiday together.

Sterling Skye Mahomes Get Surgery? What Happened To Her Face?

Sterling Skye Mahomes has not gone under surgery. It was her father that had gotten foot surgery in March of 2021.

The rumors arose because the couple kept her face hidden for four months after her birth.

On the other hand, Patrick had a torn plantar plate that needed repairing. The injury was a reason for concern and needed to be taken care of as soon as possible.

The player did not miss any game because of it but had inconvenience playing against Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bill.

How Old Is Sterling Skye Mahomes? Meet Her Father On IG

Sterling Skye Mahomes was born on the 20th of February 2021. As soon as she was bone, she was offered a scholarship from her father’s alma mater.

To get updates about her life, you can follow Patrick on Instagram, handle patrickmahomes and be a part of his 4 million followers.

As it’s football season, he posts about his games. But the family man loves to post photos of his fiancee and baby.

Sterling Skye Mahomes Parents Story

Patrick is a football player playing for the Kansa City Cheifs. He is a part of the NFL.

He and his fiancee Brittney went to school together in Texas. The two got close in 2011 when they attended the Whitehouse High School.

When Patrick went off to college to play football professionally, Britinay was right by his side, supporting his every move.

In September, Mahomes proposed to his girlfriend in front of a packed stadium.