Who Is Southern University Cheerleader Arlana Miller? Friends & Family Mourn The Passing Of The Student

Arlana Janell Miller, a native of Baton Rouge and a graduate of Southern University and Texas A&M University, died recently. Is it possible she committed suicide?

Arlana Janell Miller was a Baton Rouge native and a Southern University and A&M College student. Besides, she was a scholar from Louisiana in the United States of America. She was also a cheerleader, according to accounts.

Unfortunately, Arlana Miller, also known as lanaawanaa, has allegedly died. While the cause of death has yet to be determined, social media posts and local media reports suggest that Arlana Miller committed suicide.

On Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, Dria Derricho posted on Facebook about her death. According to social media, she looks to have committed suicide, albeit this has not been confirmed.

Who Is Southern University Cheerleader Arlana Miller?

Arlana Janell Miller, a Cheerleader at Southern University, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Arlana Miller, also known as @lanaawanaa on Instagram, sent a lengthy message with the captioning, may this day bring her rest and tranquility.

In the lengthy statement, she also thanked those who stood by her side.

Millar also revealed that she had been dead for far too long and had written multiple suicide notes throughout her life, but that she had now come to her end.

Arlana Miller Death Cause: Did She Die Of Suicide?

Netizens assume Arlana Miller has died due to her suicide, as she left a lengthy suicide note in her last Instagram post.

However, a close source has neither announced nor verified this information. Arlana Janell’s exact cause of death has yet to be determined. She appears to have committed suicide, according to social media posts and local press sources.

The regrettable reality is that suicide and despair are rising in today’s culture, becoming a growing cause of concern.

Mental wellness is more important than you would realize. It is a significant issue, yet the world and people do not place enough emphasis on it.

ReadWho Was Arlana Miller Southern University? Death Cause And Obituary – Did She Commit Suicide?

Arlana Miller Parents

Arlana Miller’s parents’ identities have yet to be revealed.

In addition, her most recent suicide attempt note expressed gratitude to her mother for giving her everything to see her happy. Her father, on the other hand, is absent from the story.

Her family and friends must be devastated after hearing such awful news, and they must take their time to recover from their loss.

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