Who Is Sofia Cromwell Aka Maxxine Dupree? NXT Wrestler And Max Dupri Sister Debuts In WWE

Maxxine Dupri’s surprise entrance on July 22’s Smackdown episode has taken the WWE universe by storm.

The WWE fans are eagerly hoping for next week’s run and to see more of the Maximum Male Models’ new Director of Talent.

Wrestling Inc. reports that the previous headliner of Smackdown’s model powerhouse fighting group, Max Durpi, is now out of the group and its storyline.

The former WWE Chief Vince McMahon had taken Maxx out of the group right before he stepped down as the head of the leading wrestling professional wrestling brand.

Sofia Cromwell From NXT Debuts As Maxxine Dupri In WWE

Maxxine Dupri announced that she will now lead the Maximum Male Models consisting of Mansoor and Mace.

She appeared in a brief backstage segment and introduced herself as Maxxine Dupri, the sister of now-gone Max Dupri. The gorgeous lady appeared in the center of Mace and Mansoor and compared her taste as delicious in front of Max’s good one.

The new Director of Talent will appear again in next week’s run, where she will present the Maximum Male Models 2022 SummerSlam Beachwear Collection.

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She and the model-wrestler duo are sure to “beat the heat by continuing to titillate the juices of your guilty pleasures.”

With such a jaw-dropping initiation of her new character in Smackdown, NXT”s Sofia Cromwell has impressed the whole WWE universe.

As the comments read, the WWE fans are hoping for her to be a good host next week and also congratulated Sofia for being the first NXT talent to move to the main roster this year.

Sofia was mainly seen alongside the wrestling powerhouse Von Wagner and Mr. Stone as a managerial ally. It seems her new role in Smackdown is also limited to managing the male talents.

Max Dupri Sister Sofia Cromwell Real Name Is Sydney Zmrzel

Sofia Cromwell is Maxxine Dupri’s former alias in WWE. As she has left behind NXT, WWE’s developmental territory brand, her debut on the company’s main roster came with a new identity, the gorgeous Maxxine Dupri.

Maxxine has revealed that she is the sister of Max Dupri, a WWE character played by the professional wrestler Shaun Ricker.

A veteran wrestler, Ricker has fought under many ring names in which Eli Drake, LA Knight, Slate Randall, and Max Dupri were his hit names.

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Thus, the Dupri siblings are fictional characters developed by the WWE’s creative team for entertainment purposes.

Maxxine’s real name is Sydney Jeannine Zmrzel, a young woman from Phoenix, Arizona.

This young lady has garnered promotions after promotions since her NXT debut in December 2021. In a short time, she walked around known names and now has debuted on the main roster.

However, she has not fought a single televised match yet though; her managerial talents are shown to be quite impressive.

Maxxine Dupri Is A Young Woman In Her 20s- Her Wikipedia Bio

Maxxine Dupri appears to be a young yet adept manager in her works. Although young, the Dupri-portraying Sydney Zmrzel is currently 25 years old.

The Smackdown Hotel reports that Sydney was born on May 19, 1997, in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

This 5 feet 8 inches tall wrestling manager is known for her good and model looks that she shows off on her Instagram handle. Her fandom is already growing at 44k followers.

Such a gorgeous beauty is currently appearing as a heel on-screen, making the WWE fandom more intrigued about her upcoming roles.

Meanwhile, her recent move to Smackdown from NXT is the new hot news among the WWE universe aside from Vince McMahon retiring.