Who Is Shoji Morimoto? Meet The Man Who Is Paid To Do Nothing On Instagram

Who is Shoji Morimoto? Here’s what we know about the man who is paid to do nothing.

Shoji Morimoto is a Japanese man famous as “Paid To Do Nothing Guy.”

He allows people to rent him out. However, he doesn’t do anything other than listen to the person and share a meal.

Who Is Shoji Morimoto? Why Is He Called Paid To Do Nothing Guy?

Shoji Morimoto is an infamous web star.

As someone who was always called a “do-nothing” type of guy, he decided to take the title given by his family, classmates, and colleagues seriously and opened a Twitter account under the alias, people who do not rent anything. He then began to offer his companionship to clients.

Reportedly, Shoji lends himself to do nothing. He has up to three appointments pretty much every day. However, he doesn’t initiate a conversation, replies to chitchat, and that’s all.

So far in his journey, he has turned several requests down, including house cleaning, friendship, laundry, scintillating banter, haunted house visit, and nude pose.

Nonetheless, Shoji has once supported a struggling street musician, listening to him in freezing cold. Likewise, he has accompanied a self-conscious person to shops and restaurants and shared birthday cake with a lonely person.

People use him to overcome their loneliness and shame to visit some interesting place alone. He reports they want someone to share their impressions.

One of his regulars, a woman in her thirties, reviewed Mr. Rental as someone who offers a safe space without judgment, strings, and talking (on request).

Due to the type of work Shoji does, people call him the paid to do nothing guy.

His signature outfit includes a blue cap and backpack. He has an Amazon Prime series-inspired inexplicable minor celebrity look.

Shoji charges only for carfare and meals. Although most of his clients are female, he has heard a few touching stories from a few of his male clients. In addition to that, he has written four books.

Born in 1983, he is 38 years old. As for his educational qualifications, he graduated from Osaka University with a master’s degree in physics.

Shoji Morimoto Instagram

Instagram plays a big part in Shoji Morimoto’s rental work.

He is on the platform as @morimoto_shoji and has 522 thousand followers. According to its bio, the rental fee is $82.90 (10 thousand yen), and the man can’t do anything other than eat and drink.

Likewise, Shoji also has quite a following on Twitter (@morimotoshoji). Somewhere around 236 thousand people currently follow him.