Who Is Shay Guthrie? Details To Know About The Cast From Archive 81

Shay Guthrie has recently appeared in the anticipated horror series Archive 81 in her role as Callie.

Shay Guthrie is an upcoming actress who has received roles in highly anticipated movies and series such as The Chair and The Virtuoso. Both were released last year, and now she is back in another show, Archive 81.

With a total of eight episodes, she has bagged the role of Callie, where she is a recurring co-star. The first episode was marketed to air on January 14.

Along with other co-stars, she appears alongside Matt McGorry, Julia Chan, and Dina Shihabi.

Archive 81 follows an archivist who takes a job restoring damaged videotapes. The horror starts when the archivist is drawn into a mystery involving the director’s disappearance and a demonic cult.

Archive 81: Shay Guthrie Wikipedia Details

Shay Guthrie has identified herself as an actor since the year 2017. She has been in the business for a little over five years. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

She is currently In New York pursuing her passion for acting. Her first role in films was in Pennsylvania Miners’ Story as Kelsey Mayhugh. About ten years ago, we first saw her on the big screen.

She has also been involved in Theatres in her career as an actress. Till now, she has been involved in four theatre productions. She has branched out from Theatres and Commercials to work in films and TV series.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Shay Guthrie? What Is Her Age?

Shay Guthrie is an actress in her early 20s. She loves to celebrate her birthday on June 25 each year with her friends and family.

Ethnicity is a touchy subject which is probably why Shay has yet to remark on the topic.

She knew she wanted to be an actor ever since she was a little girl wondering about her future. The year was 2002 when she managed to swipe a principal role in the film Pennsylvania Miners’ Story.

What Is The Height Of Shay Guthrie? Is She On Instagram?

Weighing 125 pounds, Shay Guthrie measures 5’8” in height during her last fitting. She has long strawberry blonde hair with equally beautiful blue eyes.

She is on Instagram under the username @shay_guthrie_ and has managed to gain a total of 786 followers. She is on Twitter under the username @ShayGuthrie5. However, she has yet to tweet anything and has only two followers.

She likes to post pictures with her boyfriend Jon Dery, who has spent the last three summers.