Who Is Sharonda Jones? Shawn Stockman Wife or Girlfriend – Kids Family and Net Worth

Sharonda Jones is the wife of Shawn Stockman, co-founder of the Boyz II Men. Explore more about the artist’s love life.

Being a spouse of an artist, it is not new for Sharonda to always come to light along with her husband. This time, Shawn has drawn attention after getting featured on the TV show.

He has appeared on the latest episode of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.” In the show, he is playing for “Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.”

With Shawn coming to the limelight, his followers have also shown; their interest in his wife, Sharonda. Find more about her below.

Sharonda Jones: Shawn Stockman Wife Or Girlfriend

Sharonda is popularly known for being the wife of the famous artist Shawn. The couple got married in 2001 after eight years of meeting with each other.

Although not much is available about Jones, she is known as a caring mother of her children and a wife. She became a controversial subject before after her husband cheated.

At the moment, the couple has sorted out all their complication and is living a happy married life. Moreover, Sharonda appears to be more like a forgiving and kind-hearted nature.

She loves her husband and her kids very much and has been a loving and supportive mother till now.

Shawn has faced much criticism for his doings by the people. He apologized to the public and was able to work it out somehow.

Sharonda Jones – Know About Her Kids And Family

Jones is a mother of two children named Micah and Ty. They have got a sweet and beautiful family living together blissfully.

As the children began to grow, the couple noticed some changes in one of the twins, Micah. After getting diagnosed, it got found that the kid had autism.

Further, Sharonda, with her husband Shawn, started a Non Profit in their kid’s name, “Micah’s Voice.” Despite appearing in the news often, Jones has not much talked about her personal life.

So, the details about her parents remain a bit uncertain at the moment. However, if she reveals the info in the future; then we will make sure to update it.

Sharonda Jones Net Worth Uncovered

Sharonda’s husband, Shawn, is the co-founder of the legend band Boyz II Men. Getting into the entertainment industry; his net worth must have been in the millions.

But, does his wife earns as much as he does? Well, it remains an unanswered query among the followers.

On top of that, Jones likes to keep her matter in secrecy. For now, just the details of having a nonprofit with her husband are available.

Considering that, her earnings are not available. Even so, if predicted, then her net worth must have been in a million too.