Who Is Sarah Kirkman On TikTok? Everything About The Woman With Viral Snake Video

Another Tiktoker goes viral as she posts a snake that has infiltrated her house on a sunny day.

Nowadays, it seems it’s not tough to become viral on social media or more like it is seen easily.

Post an accident or incident, and you will be gathering attention second after you post our video.

Sarah Kirkman shared a red-bellied snake video from Australia. Well, the incident gathered a lot of attention to her account.

Who Is Sarah Kirkman TikTok? Snake Video Details

Sarah Kirkmmna is just your average run-in-a-mill Tiktoker. She usually posts some skits and her traveling videos, and her dog’s TikTok.

Well, everything was usual in her life until a particular incident led to much attention towards her.

.Sarah Kirkman captured her living room in a state of disarray, with plants on the floor and items strewn around.

However, it wasn’t the result of an attempted break-in, with Ms. Kirkman disclosing the perpetrator a few seconds into her TikTok – a red-bellied black snake.

Ms. Kirkman’s first TikTok shows her living area and says, “Came home to find all this weird mess on the floor.”I’ll give you five seconds if anyone can tell me what they see in the unusual picture.”

Ms. Kirkman then zooms in to see a snake resting on the top of the TV, its head resting on the window sill.”It’s great being an Aussie,” she remarked as she scanned the snake’s body.

This is the fourth snake this month.

Sarah Kirkman Age and Family

There has been no information released about Sarah Kirkman’s age nor family. Based upon her looks, Sarah is guessed to be in the age range of 23-28.

Well talking about her family, we have found her to be a mother of two dogs. She loves her two dogs.

In fact, she has several TikTok showcasing her love for her dogs. Also, Skits make her sad to leave her dogs home alone as they may feel lonely.

More into her family, she is guessed to have a sister as her TikTok videos.

Sarah Kirkman Instagram:

Sarah Kirkman is also online on Instagram. With over 1000 posts on her account, we can see she is very active on the platform.

Going through her Instagram profile, Sarah looks like a fun person to be around compared to a fun aunt everybody likes.

She can also be seen traveling a lot. She seems to be into hiking and outdoor activities.

She has shown how confident she is in her skin by taking off her clothes in the cold winter snow, in one of her IG posts.