Learn About Robert Helenius Wife Sandra Helenius: Who Is She?

Sandra Helenius is a beautiful lady who is always ecstatic about her husband. She was married to Robert Helenius, a professional heavyweight fighter.

Her husband defeated Adam Kownacki for the second time by Technical Knockout (TKO) in the sixth round, enhancing his record to 31 wins, three losses, and 0 draws. Sandra could be the driving force behind his boxing success which has never given up on him and has been by his side in any situation and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

A guy always wants a faithful, humble, and intelligent woman to show him the way and guide him through life’s journey. Sandra is the woman for Robert who always has his back and gives him the guts to battle for the honor of the ring to become the greatest boxer of all time.

Sandra Helenius Age: How Old Is She?

There is currently no information on Sandra’s actual age or date of birth available.

On the other hand, her husband’s age and some further details are readily available to all. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 2, 1984, and is currently 37 years old.

So compared to his age, Sandra could be around 34 to 35 years old at this time.

Details On Sandra Helenius Husband And Children

Sandra’s husband Robert also got his ring name, The Nordic Nightmare. 

Sandra and Robert are content with their lives because they have each other’s support. They have built a nice home together and share equal responsibilities for their lovely family.

They may be parents, but there is presently no information concerning their child available.

What Is Sandra Helenius Net Worth?

Sandra is an ordinary woman working at a regular job to assist her husband. Though, her actual net worth is not mentioned anywhere.

On the other hand, Robert is a professional boxer with a net worth of $2 million to $5 million. Boxing is a very lucrative sport. Therefore, he may provide a good living for his family through it.

Meet Sandra Helenius On Social Media

According to our findings, Sandra seems to be more active on Facebook than any other social platform.

Add Sandra to know more about her life and enjoy the post that she shares publicly.