Who Is Sandie Miller Coronado? Roger Miller Wife – Linfield Christian School Racist

Sandie Miller and Roger Miller are a hitched couple from Temecula, California, United States.

As of late, a few has become viral because of their enemy of Asian convictions and bigoted editorials.

Who Is Sandie Miller Coronado? Sandie Miller from Coronado is the spouse of Roger Miller, who is the overseer of diversion and golf administrations in Coronado, California, United States.

Besides, Sandie is 56 years of age while her significant other Roger is 55 years of age starting at 2022. The couple is from Temecula, California.

Roger Miller Wife – Linfield Christian School Racist Roger Miller’s better half is a worker at Linfield Christian School and is blamed for being bigoted.

Truth be told, Roger and his significant other Sandie are being explored by the city after they were blamed for offering against Asian and bigoted expressions in a viral video. Additionally, Sandie is likewise enduring an onslaught and is confronting an examination from the private Christian school where she works.

The episode is about an Asian couple being racially attacked by Roger and Sandie. As per SanDiegoVille, the several was at the Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, California when Roger and Sandie visually connected with them and said that the Chinese are spreading COVID and that the Asian couple will get COVID.

Roger and Sandie constantly talked between them however uproarious enough so that the Asians might hear the racial slurs and remarks.

This, however when the Asian couple faced Roger and Sandie, they went about as though they entirely misunderstood sat idle and on second thought gladly and persistently exclaimed racial critiques.

Find out about The Case The 55-year-old Roger Miller was distinguished by well known web-based media client ThatDaneshGuy. He is known for researching and recognizing individuals blamed for prejudice or other unseemly conduct in viral recordings.

ThatDaneshGuy reposted the video on TikTok and Twitter where his large number of adherents saw it. Besides, the city of Coronado has affirmed that the occurrence was being researched.

Also, the city supervisor Tina Friend said that this is a big deal that she is making a fitting move.

Similarly, Linfield Christian said that the school has become mindful of the video recording that highlights remarks made by one of its representatives. They additionally said that they are anticipating making a quick move for it.