Who Is Samuel Graham? North County High School Football Rape Allegations -Details To Know

Footballer Samuel Graham is facing allegations of rape and sexual assaults. Find more about the incident that happened at North County High.

Samuel Graham is an upcoming American football player. He played his junior and senior years on behalf of the North County High School.

Graham had committed to play college football for Miami University in 2021.  However, he fell into a hot mess when the girls from his high school accused him of rape and sexual assault.

Over 30 former graduates and current students have come forward until now. In an online petition, they have revealed that the football team from their school was involved in it.

The victims previously tried to reach the authorities but they turned a blind eye. However, they are now working on bringing the wrongdoers to justice.

Who Is Samuel Graham?

Samuel Graham is a football player who committed to Miami University.

He started kicking a football from a young age. Slowly, he found his passion for it and pursued it as a career.

Graham enhanced his skills at the North County High School. He represented the institution in various national and inter-state matches.

Moreover, Samuel gave his words to Miami University to join for the 2021 season. However, he has reached turmoil after facing recent allegations.

Graham and his team at North County have been accused of rape, harassment, and sexual assault charges. His whole career will be doomed if he is found guilty of the charges.

North County High School Football Rape Allegations Explained

Alexis Brown started an online petition to hold the North County High School Football team accountable for rapes and assaults.

According to the online petition, the school has been compromising the safety of children. Many students have come out as the victims of assault and have shared their stories.

The act has been going for the past 2 years. However, the staff and higher authorities like MD, and principal did not pay heed to the victims and left them helpless.

On the other hand, they were left empty-handed by The Anne Arundel County School and Police Department. After years of seeking justice, the girls have come forward and exposed the truth to the whole world.

In 2020, some of the girls took to Twitter to reveal that Samuel had raped them. Despite that, he was not removed from the team and he continued to play football.

Likewise, in May of 2021, over 30 students spoke up about the incidents on Twitter. Just after that, they start receiving death threats and attacks.

Besides Samuel, his teammates Seam Aingworth, James Roberts, Daniel, Makkai, and Amari are also accused of the same. Further, coach Quinton Jones was no saint.

Students have overheard the conversations between Jones and his co-workers. He talked indecently about minor bodies and was following multiple teen girls on social media.

Is Samuel Graham Arrested?

There is no news of arrest for Samuel Graham.

However, the authorities will soon start looking into this matter. And he will be detained if he is found guilty of the crimes.

Samuel proudly appears on Twitter as @SamuelGraham_ and garners 432 followers.