Who Is Sammy Ramsey? Entomologist Dr Bugs Talks Groundbreaking Research

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Entomology from Cornell University in 2011, Dr. Sammy Ramsey, the founder and director of the Ramsey Study Foundation concentrated his research on the behavior of parasitic and predatory insects. He developed a passion for and expertise in the tight ties between insects and other living things (symbioses). 

Furthermore, Dr. Ramsey focused his dissertation on figuring out a parasite, Varroa destructor, that was destroying the population of honey bees throughout the world, which has been of great help to entomology scientists.

Furthermore, Dr. Ramsey is known by the moniker “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Entomologist” because of his vast research on insects, which shows their importance and necessity.

Who Is Sammy Ramsey, Aka Dr. Bugs? 

Dr. Samuel Ramsey, an expert in entomology, is revolutionizing science and its deals with his insightful studies on what is destroying honeybees and his usual flair when it comes to explaining hard concepts of entomology to non-scientists. He is best known online as Dr. Buggs for his YouTube science video series.

Samuel Ramsey made up his mind to study insects at the age of seven; however, the entomologist, leading research to safeguard honey bees, claimed that he was terrified of bugs when he was six years old. To win over Ramsey’s dread for bugs, his parents accompanied him to the neighborhood library, got him a library card, and prompted him to choose some books on bugs. 

Ramsey finally landed his first salaried position in the realm he valued the most, entomology, ten years later. He earned his bachelor’s degree in entomology from Cornell University and his doctorate in the same field from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Ramsey is currently an entomologist at the Bee Research Lab of the United States Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, Maryland. There, he is researching parasites that pose a threat to the honey bee population. Ramsey is expanding the research that he initiated in Graduate School, which revealed that Varroa mites don’t consume bee blood as previously thought, but rather a honeybee organ called the fat body. 

Ramsey was awarded the accolade; Research Award by the Alumni Association of Graduate School in recognition of his ground-breaking work. Furthermore, he is the founder and director of the Ramsey Study Foundation.

Sammy Ramsey Could Be In His Thirties

The exact age of the entomology expert is under wraps, but we do know that he could be in his late thirties. Ramsey’s achievements and contributions at his age are superior to what an ordinary person pulls off. An avid researcher on insects, Dr. Sammy, has become a household name for bringing extraordinary findings that help secure the ecosystem, directly or indirectly.

The award-winning video dissertation on Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite that feeds on honey bees, showcases Dr. Ramsey’s talent for conducting in-depth research and explaining complex scientific results. The thorough research done by Dr. Ramsey provided compelling proof that the more than 50 years of assumptions regarding this parasite’s harmful potential were incorrect. 

His discovery might pave the way for more effective methods to rebuild honey bee populations all around the world. Ramsey’s latest research, which focuses on the tiny Tropilaelaps mite, also keeps him busy. The parasite, which may destroy honey bee colonies, is present in China and South Asia and is gradually spreading west. Ramsey was sent to Thailand by the USDA in 2019 to research the parasite and look into possible controls. 

Due to COVID-19 constraints, Ramsey had to return to the United States in the spring, but he intends to restart his studies in Thailand very soon.

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Samuel Ramsey’s Partner And Family

Samuel Ramsey identifies his sexual orientation as homosexual and has a boyfriend. His boyfriend’s name is a secret; however, Ramsey has uploaded pictures with him on his Instagram. Dr. Ramsey is @drsammygrams on Instagram with more than seven thousand followers.

Talking about Dr. Ramsey’s parents, his mother’s name is Sharon L. Ramsey, who can be found on Instagram with the username @pashurn. Examining her Instagram bio, she is a singer and a teacher. Ramsey’s father is a Pastor; nonetheless, his name has been kept private. His father doesn’t appear to engage in any social media platform that further covers our access to his personal details.

Dr. Ramsey’s parents have retired from their jobs. In fact, they retired on the same day, as depicted by Sharon’s Instagram post dated 20 November 2021. Both of them are very proud of Ramsey. Sharon consistently posts the achievements of her son on her Instagram page.