Ryan Ferguson Wife or Girlfriend

Ryan Ferguson is currently dating his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, Brigit Mahoney. Ryan and Brigit have been together for more than two years.

The pair revealed their romantic relationship in December of 2020. Mahoney is a meteorologist at Fox weather.

Before Ryan met Brigit, he was dating Myka Cain. The reason for the couple’s breakup has not been apparent. 

Regardless, The Amazing Race contestant is living a happy life. He often posts lovely pictures with his sweetheart on Instagram.

You may follow him on Instagram under the username @lifeafterten. Ferguson has garnered 35.5k followers on the platform.

Ryan Ferguson Parents

Leslie and Bill Ferguson, Ryan Ferguson’s parents, raised him. He was born in Australia on October 19, 1984.

His parents have always believed Ryan was innocent. They supported him with everything they could during his time in prison.

Bill decided to begin a law battle over his son’s undeserved imprisonments in 2014.

Ryan decided to pursue fitness and health during his dark times. He appeared in the MTV series Unlocking the Truth and was recently announced as a cast member on The Amazing Race 33.

Ryan has shown a strong character and has undoubtedly made his parents proud.

Ryan Ferguson Net Worth

Ryan Ferguson’s net worth is approximately $8 to $10 million. He makes money through TV shows, podcasts, and fitness.

The American spent nearly ten years in prison. The court compensated him with one million dollars for each year he spent in jail.

Furthermore, he also got one million dollars for legal expenses. He received around $11 million in total in a civil suit.

Ryan and Dusty will be chasing the one million dollar cash prize and twenty other contestants in Amazing Race 33.