Who is rx0rcist on TikTok? Meet The TikTok Star on Instagram

Rx0rcist on TikTok received death threats. Read to learn what made her so famous.

If you are an anti-vax or adept at spreading lies, then be aware rx0rcist is probably already on your tail. She takes the normal bashing to a next level.

She reports the bigots and misinformation spreaders to their workplace, home, family, and anywhere they are associated with.

But she also receives death threats in return which made her step back temporarily. But she is back again folks.

Who is rx0rcist on TikTok?

Rx0rcist became popular on Tiktok for exposing and bashing anyone who shows slightest of the hesitation towards COVID vaccination or spread medical lies.

She specifically tries to clear the misconception that is spread by medical line professionals themselves.

Through her account, she has exposed deception about COVID-19, its immunizations, and other fraudulent activities.

She was also the one who identified Ryan Bartles on social media. He is an infamous anti-masker who was filmed yelling at an elderly woman on a subway train.

Rx0rcist revealed Bartles’ name and his background information in response to auntkaren0 appeal on TikTok.

She was apparently in touch with Bartel’s workplace and his family to explain to them the content of the video.

We can see her passion to help others, whether it is through medication or any other means.

She is the owner of Milky Malm LLC which serves lactating parents by providing them medical guidance and proper consultation.

rx0rcist Biography – Her Age and Real Name

Rx0rcist is at the age of 31 years old. She goes by her real name Savannah Malm.

Savannah is a certified doctor of Pharmacy. She graduate with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from South University School of Pharmacy in 2014.

Mississippi resident married her husband on 26th August 2017. Her husband is a Military officer.

The Pharmacist’s mother and sister both are pharmacists too which inclined her more towards the pharmacy.

Savannah gave birth to their beautiful daughter in 2019. It was then she realized the lack of support for a locating parent.

Determined to serve the marginalized community, she went on to get a license as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

She is now a Pharmacy doctor and lactation specialist.

rx0rcist Instagram and Net Worth Explored

She also actively shares her content on her Instagram account. Her Net worth is not known yet.

But she has gained a rich amount of followers on her social media account. Her Instagram handle name @rx0rcist, has 17.5K followers.

She also has her own line of merchandise which gives her a steady income. It includes everything related to apparel, homeware, and other accessories.