Who is Rufus Kampa? Meet Young Prince William in The Crown

Rufus Kampa, the rising star in the entertainment sphere, has recently captured the spotlight with the exciting announcement of his role as the young Prince William in an upcoming sixth season of the film titled “The Crown”.

Born into a lovely family in the United Kingdom in 2007, Rufus Kampa is currently 17 years old, showcasing his talents at a remarkably young age.

Rufus Kampa’s role as young Prince William has marked the beginning of what promises to be a stellar career in the world of acting.

Beyond his theatrical successes, Rufus Kampa has expanded his repertoire with notable contributions to productions like “First Dates,” demonstrating his versatility and commitment to the craft.

Rufus Kampa has had the plan of venturing in the acting since his childhood and he recently attended the British Theatre Academy.

Rufus Kampa’s acting in “The Crown” will be the first time a movie he has appeared in will be shown on Netflix.