Who Is Rapper Young Jose? Listen To His Song No Excuses No Regret

Young Jose, a Washington DC rapper with ties to MDM Entertainment, has come out with a new album No Excuses, No Regret.

Three weeks ago, he teased the record and unleashed it on all streaming platforms as he gave it promotion through his Instagram handle.

Every week, he surprises the audience with new music videos as his fellow rappers have praised his work.

Indeed, the release is the beginning of a new era as it is his first album after a career-long journey with singles.

Who Is Rapper Young Jose- What Is His Real Name?

Rapper Young Jose comes from the Muslim religion but has yet to reveal his given name.

Indeed, he gets deemed as one of the emerging artists from the capital as he recently connected the bridge between Washington and California after dropping a collaboration with OMB Peezy for the new single All I Got.

In February, the track came blazing as it talked about the crew’s loyalty, as they served the best work around and being the most fly.

The tune was the correct decision as it aided him in riding the bandwagon as it traveled to the top of the mainstream landscape.

Moreover, the chemistry on the song is electric, with the two trading gritty bars and lingo being the perfect match.

Young Jose Age And Wikipedia

The age of rapper Young Jose remains a mystery, but we know he hailed from the capital and was born to a Muslim family.

Although he has never spoken much about his family, he has close ties to his mother and sister as they often appear on his social media.

Even after becoming a big-time rapper with stacks of cash in his hands, he still gets scolded by his mom for playing loud music as she is someone who keeps him grounded.

Indeed, he cannot go against the word of his mama as she was the one who worked for years and provided him with food and shelter.

He holds similar warmth for his baby sister as the clan came together to attend her graduations from the Class of 2022. He wished her a happy birthday as she looked beautiful in a white dress on the occasion of her prom.

Does Young Jose Have A Girlfriend Or Wife- Who Is She?

Young Jose has yet to report a partner or a girlfriend, but that does not mean he has not had his share of lovers.

Given his line of work, he often encounters beautiful women as he gets into brief affairs and is not ready for commitment.

The result of one such affair from five years ago concluded in the birth of a child named BigJose.

In March, he celebrated his 5th birthday as he got the utmost adoration from his father.

Although he may not get time away from making music, he makes sure to be a part of his son’s life as his social media is a diary of his childhood.

Indeed, he is willing to sacrifice his life for the kid’s sake as he teaches him how to play football in his downtime. It seems the child has a knack for the sport as he can cross a football field in seconds.

You can learn more about their relationship through his Instagram handle, youngjosemdm, where he has 41k followers.

What Is The Net Worth Of Young Jose- Meet Him On Spotify

As of 2022, the net worth of rapper Young Jose is still under review, but you can find him on Spotify, where he serves ten monthly listeners.

The platform is home hs tracks like One The Ave, Steet Talk, and Goldmine, which have received thousands of streams.

Before the release of his debut album, he predominantly worked on collaborations and singles as he had appeared on numerous albums by fellow artists.

You can also find his creativity on his youtube channel, but he has yet to upload any videos.