Who Is Photographer Peter Rowen? His Wikipedia And Net Worth

Peter Rowen is a Dublin-based commercial photographer shooting for a wide and varied group of clients, who is yet to get an official Wikipedia page. Here is his short bio.

Peter Rowen is a well-recognized photographer from Dublin, Ireland. The photographer has worked for a large and varied group of clients for twenty-five years.

His marvelous work has been published widely, gaining worldwide fame, and awarded numerous awards, including a gold medal for portraiture from the New York-based Graphics Annual.

Rowen is a famous photographer shooting for various clients, including Channel 4, Live Nation, DAA, The Gate Theatre, Eircom, Element Pictures, and UFC.

Photographer Peter Rowen Age

Photographer Peter Rowen was born in 1974 and is forty-eight years old as of 2022. However, Peter has not shared his exact date of birth on any sources.

He is a famous Irish photographer who started his career at a very young age. He is also recognized as the child protagonist of some covers of singles and albums such as Boy (1980), and War (1983).

Rowen is also known for his appearance in The best of 1980-1990 published on the occasion of the ten years of activity of the U2 band. The band gave him a copy of a photo used for an album cover with the message “Stay a child. I am enjoying it.”

To be clear, Peter had already appeared on the cover of U2’s first single titled the vinyl “Three,” released in 1978. His experience was crucial and somehow encouraged him to choose a career as a photographer.

Peter Rowen Wikipedia Details

The famous Irish photographer Peter Rowen is not featured on Wikipedia; however, that does not mean he is less prominent, and his details can be effortlessly extracted from the internet.

Rowen started as a 16-year-old teenager with a keen interest in photography and a love for drawing. He bought his first proper camera at 16, and within two years, he started working in the industry as a full-time assistant.

He worked with a perfect Irish photographer. Rowen involves himself in a mixture of commissioned and personal work; both centered around photographing people.

The Irish photographer always has several personal projects in the pipeline. He is always accumulated with ideas from documentaries he likes to make.

Who Is Peter Rowen’s Wife- Is He Married?

Peter Rowen has not disclosed his wife’s details as of now. Following his appearance and age, the photographer is probably married but has always kept his personal life aside from the media.

Rowen always expresses his love for capturing real moments. Rowen never really liked the idea of staging photographs. Rowen says that he is much drawn to the documentary side of things in an interview.

The photographer loved to look at pictures, both paintings and photographs. He was never a great reader and was always more passionate about images and photography.

After taking photographs, he was always inspired by some of the greats, such as Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, and Ansel Adams.

Peter Rowen Net Worth – How Rich?

Peter Rowen is a famous Irish photographer whose estimated net worth is over a million. However, Rowen has not disclosed his actual figure of net worth and career earnings as of now.

Rowen must have amassed a great fortune throughout his career as a professional photographer. He often describes himself as a documentary wedding photographer based in County Meath, Ireland, and loves what he does.

Rowen is an established professional Irish photographer, and, in addition to having collaborated again with U2, in general, Rowen’s photos express a subtle and profound sensitivity that touches the heart.