Who is Paul Murray San Antonio Texas? Arrested And Charges Update

Who is Paul Murray San Antonio? Paul Murray San Antonio arrest is making people want to know more about the attacker. Stay with the article to find out more.

Paul Murray got arrested near the US Naval Observatory, Washington D.C., and he possessed numerous weapons. Murray had 113 rounds of unregistered ammunition and an AR-15 rifle.

Who is Paul Murray San Antonio? 

Paul Murray from San Antonio got arrested on March 17, 2021.

Murray got arrested near the US Naval Observatory, Washington D.C., under the charges of possession of unregistered ammunition, reports KSAT. He was spotted by Secret Service officers and stopped on the northwest side of the property. Paul Murray from Texas was arrested in front of VP Kamala Harris’ residence. 

Murray was found with a rifle, ammunition, and many gun clips by the police. The Vice President, Kamala Harris, was not residing at the US Naval Observatory because it is under renovation. The Vice President was living near the White House at Blair House at the time of the incident.

Paul Murray Age And Parents

Paul Murray’s age is 31 years.

Murray’s hometown is in the Northwest Side of San Antonio, Texas, but he is currently living in Bryan, Texas.

The details about Paul Murray’s parents, family, and background are currently private. 

Quick Facts:

Name Paul Murray
Age 31 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Education Texas A&M University

Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Paul Murray

  1. Paul Murray attended Texas A&M University for their graduate program. But according to KBTX-TV, on Match 17, the university confirmed that Paul did not join this semester. 
  2. Andrew Leyden, a former staff at Capitol Hill, posted a video of the incident and posted it on Twitter. In the video, Paul is surrounded by the police near the Naval Observatory.
  3. After the intelligence bulletin from Texas, Paul Murray got detained by the Washington DC police.
  4. Even before his arrest at the US Naval Observatory, Paul was under the radar of the police.
  5. Paul Murray already has two encounters with the police from early March 2021.