Who Is Patricia Pouncey From Detroit Michigan? Nikita Washington Mother

Netizens are looking up Patricia Pouncey Wikipedia and family details recently as today, April 14, 2023, marks the one-year completion of Nikita Washington.

Every time Patricia Pouncey considers the awful loss of her daughter Nikita Washington in December of last year, she feels numb.

Nikita Washington, a mother from Detroit, Michigan who had undergone a cesarean section to deliver her 12th child, a boy called Nathaniel, passed away at Harper University Hospital.

Patricia, who is currently caring for Nathaniel and her daughter’s 11 more children, claims that the uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of her passing has made her loss even more painful.

People are looking up Patricia Pouncey Wikipedia as she recently came forward in the media talking about her daughter and twelve children.

Furthermore, Nikita’s mother stated that she simply had a lot of questions right now and had always question herself ‘What went wrong?”.

Patricia Pouncey Detroit Michigan Wikipedia

Patricia Pouncey Wikipedia profile is unavailable on the internet, but many know who Patricia is after media portals have covered her news.

Since her daughter passed away in December while giving birth, Patricia has been caring for her 12 grandchildren.

When Nikita Washington passed away at Harper University Hospital while giving birth to her son Nathaniel, she was just 35 years old.

Despite the lack of Patricia Pouncey Wikipedia profile, plenty of web pages have described and captured the mother’s emotions following her daughter Nikita’s demise.

Pouncey claims that because her daughter’s husband is in prison, she was forced to stay at home and take care of her other grandkids while her daughter went to the hospital alone to give birth.

Patricia now regrets not going to the hospital with her kid. Washington informed her family that she had received medical treatment for high blood pressure and that she had undergone a cesarean section on the evening of December 22.

Washington’s sister went to the hospital to check on her after many hours passed with no updates.

Pouncey’s family discovered the baby was delivered healthily the next morning. Washington, however, suddenly went away while being treated by medical professionals for a loose stitch and severe bleeding,

According to a Wayne County Clerk Washington passed away due to postpartum hemorrhage” and complications after repeated cesarean sections.

Patricia Pouncey doubts the physicians’ efforts to rescue her daughter. In an interview, the grandmother mentioned that she had not spoken with any hospital personnel and that the death certificate is the only thing she has.

Patricia Pouncey Daughter: Nikita Washington Case

At Hutzel Hospital in Detroit, Nikita Washington gave birth to a baby named Nathaniel at 10:56 pm on December 22.

As several hours passed with no information, Washington’s sister visited the hospital to see how she was doing.

At 11:55 am, Nikita passed away. The sudden demise of Washington left her twelve kids without their mother.

However, those kids were instantly surrounded by Daveia, their grandmother Patricia, Jackie, Sharhonda, and Daveia’s sisters.


Nikita’s mother urges family members of expectant and new mothers to speak up for their loved ones, ask questions, and insist that medical professionals explain complicated terms.

Pouncey is also concerned about every mother and requests them never make the same mistake by allowing her child to travel to the hospital alone.

Patricia is now relying on her faith to continue and nurture Washington’s children, who range in age from three months to nineteen. She also expresses gratitude for the funds that enabled the family to purchase a sturdy car and a larger house.

Furthermore, Washington’s mother wants her daughter to be known as a kind girl who loved doing her hair, listening to music, and spending time with her family.