Who Is Pastor Henry Parks, Phaedra Parks Father? Wikipedia And Age

Who Is Pastor Henry Parks, Phaedra Parks Father? American television personality Phaedra Creonta Parks is a mortician, lawyer, businesswoman, author, and actress.

She gained fame for appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo from 2010 to 2017. She was an experienced lawyer who formerly led her own law business, The Parks Group. 

She appeared in the second season of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip on Peacock in 2022, and in 2023 she joined the cast of Married to Medicine for its forthcoming ninth season.

In 2010, Parks made her first appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was a seasoned lawyer with her own law firm, The Parks Group. She had a long career representing various celebrities, including Bobby Brown. 

She received the title of “Attorney of the Year” in 2006 and has held positions on the UGA Law School Board, the Grammy Recording Board, the Georgia Law School Alumni Council, and G-Capp. 

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Who Is Pastor Henry Parks, Phaedra Parks Father?

Phaedra is the second of Pastor Henry Parks and Regina Bell’s four children, and she was born in Athens, Georgia, in October 1973. Her three siblings are Henri Jacques Parks, Albert Bell, and Keosha Bell.

Phaedra is a Georgia native who attended Wesleyan College in Athens and received her BA Hons degree. Phaedra Parks Father has been a topic of interest for people.

She continued her education by obtaining a juris doctorate from the University of Georgia and a degree in mortuary sciences from Jefferson State College while also pursuing a legal career.

Phaedra founded The Parks Group PC, an Atlanta-based legal practice, in 1996 after she received her law degree. She is currently a managing partner of the company.

Parks has also served on the advisory board of the American Bar Association and as president of the Gate City Bar Association. 

Wikipedia And Age Of Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks’s age is 50 years as she was born in 1973. Phaedra’s career is a vibrant tapestry made of strands of achievement in numerous fields. 

She founded her own law company, The Parks Group, showing her legal prowess and establishing a reputable position for herself in the legal community.

Along with her legal expertise, Parks became well-known for her role as a cherished cast member of the Bravo reality TV program “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” 

She became one of the most recognizable characters on the program thanks to her endearing charm, sharp humor, and ease of handling the spotlight.

But that is not where her career ends. The activities of Phaedra go far beyond the fields of law and television. She effectively introduced her range of health and wellness products, demonstrating her cunning commercial acumen. 

Additionally, her unusual line of work as a mortician gave her career a distinctive edge and demonstrated her courage in venturing into uncharted territory. 

In addition to her varied responsibilities, Parks has embraced her ability as an author, with works that have been released providing insights into her life, experiences, and personal development.

Overall, Phaedra Parks’ career is a testament to her adaptability, tenacity, and capacity to succeed in various disciplines. 

She has cemented her reputation as a dynamic personality and a source of inspiration for many aspirants looking to carve out their own pathways in life thanks to her unrelenting pursuit of achievement and passion for various hobbies.