Who Is Parkland Shooting Case Judge Elizabeth Scherer? Will Nikolas Cruz Get The Death Sentence?

Judge Elizabeth Scherer is the judge currently handling Nikolas Cruz from Parkland Shooting Case.

Judge Elizabeth is currently handling Nikolas Cruz’s case, where he gunned down about 17 people in 2018, and this is her first time taking a death penalty case.

The case has been very public, and everyone can watch the judgment and the process behind it in the comfort of their homes as it is being televised for everyone to watch.

Who Is Judge Elizabeth Scherer? Her Bio Explored

Judge Elizabeth is an American Broward County Circuit Judge from Florida. After Nikolas gunned down 17 people in 2018, she was assigned to his case, which is ongoing today.

Scherer is currently 42 years old. She was born on 4th June 1976. She has an outstanding record and background as a judge and is a fantastic prosecutor and intelligent judge.

Elizabeth comes from a family of people involved with the law. Her father was also a judge and a part of the George W. Bush legal team in the ballot case of 2000.

She attended the University of Miami law school and later started pursuing her career as a law school student. Today she is handling one of the most significant cases that are happening right now. Parkland shooting had left everyone devastated, and the time has finally come for the Parkland victims to enjoy their justice.

People are eager to see what verdict Elizabeth will reach at the end of this trial.

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Will Nikolas Cruz Get The Death Sentence?

It is still uncertain if Nikolas Cruz will get the death sentence or not. The trial is still ongoing, and Judge Elizabeth is under much pressure now.

Judge Elizabeth explained that during the night, she stays up researching different things about complex legal and scientific issues that have to be looked over for the case.

She has a lot of weight on her shoulder and considering this is her first death sentence case that has been publicized, and she has no room for errors. At the moment, Scherer has chosen not to speak on the subject and remained silent about what might come next.

Elizabeth is an intelligent judge and has been a juror for a while, so there is no doubt that she will bring justice to the victims.

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Parkland Shooting Case Updates

The jury will decide whether or not Nikolas Cruz should go through the death penalty for his grim actions. He will be sentenced to life in prison if he does not receive the death sentence.

Nikolas might not get the death penalty if he can be proven to be abused by his mother after his birth which caused him to perform such vile acts out of his childhood frustrations.

However, many people are unhappy with his defence and want to see him on the death penalty. He gunned down 17 people in Parkland high school and took many lives.

The shooting survivors also took the stand and explained their situation from their point of view during the shootout.