Who Is Paola Toeschi? Bio And Cause Of Death Of Wife Of The Pooh Guitarist Dodi Battaglia

Paola Toeschi, who is yet to be featured on Wikipedia, is the wife of Pooh guitarist Dodi Battaglia. She passed away on September 6 due to a brain tumor.

Paola Toeschi is an advertising actress and writer. She is also known as the wife of Dodi Battaglia, a popular guitarist, and singer.

Dodi, who joined the band in 1968, remained a part of the musical group until it disbanded in 2016. He has composed and written more than 140 songs, according to Wikipedia.

He joined the band after their guitarist exited the group. He has composed more than seventy songs for the group such as Tanta vor di lei, Noi ue nel mondo e nell’anima, and Infiniti noi.

Dodi was born on 1 June 1951 in Bologna in a musical family. His grandfather was an expert on mandolin and piano, his uncle was a guitarist, and his father played the violin.

He has been married three times and recently announced the sad demise of his third wife on Facebook. Her name was Paola Toeschi.

Paola Toeschi Wikipedia: Who Is Dodi Battaglia Wife?

Paola Toeschi is an advertising actress and writer. She and Dodi tied the knot in 2011 and were together until her demise in 2021.

She leaves behind her husband and daughter Sofia, who was born in 2005. Further, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010 and has since been battling the disease.

She also published a book titled Stronger than evil. She documented her entire illness journey, from the moment she was diagnosed to how she’s coped with it, in her book.

Paola is the third wife of Dodi. The guitarist was previously married to Louise and Loretta. He has two children from his first wife Lousie and one kid from his second wife.

Paola Toeschi Age (Eta)

Paola Toeschi’s age is 51 years old at the time of her death.

She was born in the year 1970. However, her precise birthdate remains unknown for now. Her husband, Dodi is 70 years old.

Paola Toeschi Cause Of Death- How Did She Die?

Paola Toeschi died on September 6, 2021, due to a brain tumor.

She had been battling the disease for the past eleven years. Dodi announced her death news via an emotional Facebook post.

He did not elaborate and simply informed that Paola had passed away after a long illness.

Within minutes, his friends and fans from all over the world commented to express their sympathy for him and the family.

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