Who Is Paige Thorne? Meet The 24-Year-Old Paramedic On Love Island 2022

Paige Thorne has been revealed as the first contestant for Love Island 2022 & fans are super excited for the show.

With one week till the start of the 2022 series, the first Love Islanders have been revealed. Love Island 2022 is likely to follow a similar pattern to past seasons.

One major change is on the way, as one of the show’s regular segments is reportedly being eliminated for the 2022 season according to The revamp focuses on Love Island’s iconic culinary challenges, with at least one food-related activity appearing in each season.

Who Is Paige Throne? Her Age Explored

Paige, from Swansea, is traveling to Mallorca in search of love, claiming that she is ready for the hunks to ‘come to me no’ after failing to find love at home. Paige Thorne is a Swansea paramedic. She recently ended a relationship and is on the lookout for Mr. Right.

The brunette beauty has had a hard time finding someone in her area. She explained that she had gone on a few dates but she was not compatible with anyone but has hopes that she will find her match in the show. 

The enthusiastic cook described herself as having “mumsy energy” and seeking a positive mate with whom she can share her roast potatoes. Paige has been single for a long time and is ready to find someone with whom she can share her life.

Throne really enjoys cooking & she wants someone with good energy that she can spoil with her marvelous cooking. She believes that her roasties & her Sunday dinners are amazing & Gordon Ramsay himself would rate her cooking a solid 9/10. 

The young & beautiful contestant has a bubbly personality & she wishes to find her match in the villa.

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Who Was Paige Throne’s Ex Boyfriend?

Paige has not revealed the identity of her ex boyfriend. However, she has shared that she recently got out of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend which made her very drained from men.

At first, she thought she was done with men for a long time but after a while, she started getting lonely & missed having someone around. Even though she went on several dates, she did not really find what she was looking for.

However, Paige is now ready to look for her future man & she believes that Love Island is perfect for her. 

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How Old Is Paige Throne? Her Instagram Explored

Paige is currently 24 years old. However, she has not revealed the exact date of birth to the media. She is young, driven, & talented and possesses a good personality & many hobbies.

Throne’s Instagram handle goes under @paogethronex. She has a total of 3.2k followers on her Instagram account while she only follows back about 1.1k followers.

The young paramedic has 16 posts in total on her Instagram account. Judging from her posts, the contestant seems to love being outside with nature & loves to spend her time outdoors.