Who is Owen Mahoney Ava? What does Owen Mahoney do?

Owen Mahoney is the boyfriend of Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, actress Reese Witherspoon, and actor Ryan Phillippe’s daughter.

Owen Mahoney age

How old is Owen Mahoney? What is Owen Mahoney’s age? Owen Mahoney is believed to be in his mid-20s.

Owen Mahoney profession

What does Owen Mahoney do for a living? What is Owen Mahoney’s profession? What does Owen Mahoney do for work? Owen Mahoney’s profession is not known yet, but it is well known that he played baseball in college. As to if he has become a professional in the sport is still unknown.

Owen Mahoney college

Where did Owen Mahoney attend college? Which college did Owen Mahoney attend? Owen Mahoney attended UC Berkeley, where he met Ava. He studied Data Science and Economics.

Are Owen Mahoney and Ava Phillippe still together?

According to Ava’s Instagram page, nothing gives us a hint that she is still in a relationship with Mahoney. There is no recent picture of them together or any tags so far.